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Learn all about Intelligent Agents
Set off on a journey to a new world, the world of agents. Discover what agents are, how they work and how they can be useful to you. Explore the towns in AgentLand and learn to distinguish their different families. Finally, read the files and articles from our experts who have ventured deep into this new world.  
> What's an agent ? > What's AgentLand ?
A short and fun introduction to these strange beings that live on the Internet. Let yourself be guided through the world of agents, and discover what AgentLand can offer you.
> Who is your Guide? > Expert Zone
Find out about Cybelle, your personal guide in AgentLand, who you can talk to in real time. Recognized experts in their field are contributing regular articles about intelligent agents in this section.
> Agent families > Agent Lab
Meet the families of agents that live in AgentLand : find out what each one can do for you and learn how to use them. Get in-depth information on agents thanks to these articles, regularly sent by our experts in AgentLand.
> How to download an agent? new > A.I., artificial intelligence
A short guide that shows you how to download agents to your computer. AgentLand leads you into the universe of the film "A.I." and its connections with artificial intelligence.
> Chatterbox Challenge

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