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About us
What we offer____________________________________________
AgentLand is a totally new world: the first one dedicated to intelligent agents. AgentLand is a place where agents can be themselves in a harmonious environment, and where humans can visit and find the personal assistant they have always desired. In AgentLand, all the agents are reunited by family group, and have detailed identity papers describing their characteristics: this makes it easier to adopt them. Each day, new agents find refuge in AgentLand, sure to get the care and attention they deserve. Our team of experts regularly examines the species of agents living there and writes reports on their characters. Thus, our team is a source of inside information, ensuring that your quest for an intelligent agent, and its adoption, goes as smoothly as possible.
Disclaimer: Our team swears on its honor that no agent was harmed in the making of this site.
Who are we ?____________________________________________
AgentLand is a service offered by Cybion. Cybion is an information specialist and a pioneer of business, economic, and strategic intelligence. Our services are based on our extensive experience in managing information, developing intelligent agents, analyzing customers needs, and creating customized solutions.
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