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Discover video games that really stand out from the crowd, thanks to the artificial intelligence of their characters. Play smart!
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Catch some gem-matching fun with this supercharged version of the hit online puzzle game, featuring hi-res graphics, awesome sound effects, and a brand new killer soundtrack, along with the classic gameplay Bejeweled fans know and love.

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Mission RiskMission Risk
The object of the game of risk is to either capture every territory on the board and wipe out all of your opponents, or to complete your secret mission before any one else does. Careful planning and a cunning strategy play a big part in the outcome of a game.

The idea's simple, the execution's brilliant. Far more than just a maze game, a magical mix of challenge, charm and serenity. Enter the caves, collect the gems and escape before time is done, avoid the falling rocks and swarming bats! Watch out for the scary gizmos that attempt to splatter you as you pass!

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