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8How to develop an agent
Building your own agent becomes possible, thanks to the agents you will find here.
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Stauri FAQtaurStauri FAQtaur
Stauri FAQtaur is a development tool allowing you to create an interactive software agent that can be programmed to automatically respond to questions by querying a pre-established questions and answers database. The conversational nature can make interacting with the agent informative, interesting and entertaining.

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RoboNavigation officeRoboNavigation office

MASH - The Microsoft Agent Scripting HelperMASH - The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper
Mash is a program that helps separate the code from the content, allowing to focus on the presentation rather than tedious programming details. Easily experiment with character animations, text-to-speech, and move actions, while you compose and playback complex and entertaining scripts.

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