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5Monitoring agents
These agents monitor web sites or specific themes you are interested in. Use them to be automatically alerted about the latest news of your choice.
Spotlight on:
eSurveiller is a powerful user-activity monitoring, logging and management software package. With it, you can monitor the activities of computer users on standalone computers, on a local area network and on remote computers across the Internet.

Most Popular:
iSpyNOW offers users the ability to remotely install the application from any location and view the logs from anywhere in the world! Simply send iSpyNOW via email to the Remote Machine you intend to monitor! Once iSpyNOW has been installed, you have full control and monitoring power in real time of that remote PC! View Chats Conversations in REAL TIME, Keystrokes, Passwords, windows, applications, websites, and MORE! iSpyNOW is the perfect choice for monitoring your home and Business.

iOpus STARR - Home EditioniOpus STARR - Home Edition
So how do you know what intruders, your staff (or family) are doing on your PCs? Is confidential data stolen, manipulated or accidentally deleted? The iOpus STARR surveillance software can tell you exactly who is doing what on which PC at any time during the day or night.

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