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Search agents improve your information retrieval on the Internet. Use them to find your way around the Web easily, and quickly get to the information you need.
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WebSeeker combines the results of multiple search engines. WebSeeker delivers a clean list of results that can be saved, viewed offline, easily organized and updated automatically.

Most Popular:
Copernic Summarizer (English Version)Copernic Summarizer (English Version)
Copernic Summarizer creates concise text summaries, allowing you to read more in less time. Based on cutting-edge technologies akin to artificial intelligence, Copernic Summarizer analyses texts, pinpointing key concepts, and produces instant summaries composed of the most important sentences.

FirstStop WebSearch Visual EditionFirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition
FirstStop WebSearch offers sophisticated information retrieval from multiple search engines, with a built-in wizard for advanced searches; result management and analysis; result tracking and reporting; and result sharing functions - it is a desktop office application for Internet users.

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