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Cybelle's conception

Cybelle's body was the object of much close attention. A body made of titanium, eyes like sapphires, a complexion like china and skin like velvet… nothing was left to chance. To make this possible, the AgentLand team called on some of the greatest specialists in the field of animating agents, and finally entrusted the delicate task to La Cantoche.

First draws of Cybelle

For hours on end, they drew and redrew Cybelle's contours, down to the last detail, improving here and there her eyes, the lines of her face, reinforcing her body, etc.

Body of Cybelle

Now that she existed in 2D, Cybelle was sent out into the virtual world, to be shaped in three dimensions. Little by little, her skeleton was designed on a computer, and each part of her body was reproduced with much care. Hands, legs, arms, everything was analyzed and digitized. When this was finished, Cybelle's body at last existed in the digital world, and could be animated at will.
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