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the Robotic Puppy
Silver with Aqua Trim
Electronic Dog


Robotix 2K-9
Can you imagine a dog who has a crane for a tail or rubber-padded pinchers instead of paws? You can easily build such a super-specialized canine, or just about any other robotic creation you can dream up, with this 2K-9 robotic building kit from Robotix.

Tropical Furby
This special-edition Tropical Furby is the life of the party. With its fluorescent fur and flashy floral shirt, this Furby can't be missed! Add all its tricks into the mix and it's sure to be a favorite toy. Tropical Furby, like its more muted brethren, can speak, giggle, wiggle, and roll its eyes. It has a vocabulary of hundreds of English and Furbish words.

Kitty the Robotic Kitten
Kitty the Robotic Kitten is Manley Toy Quest's contribution to the robotic pet revolution. This cyber feline really captures the true cat essence. Kitty has three electronic "nerve" sensors located on the back of her head that run down the top of her body. These electronic sensors trigger Kitty's emotion program. When you pet her on her back, she will purr with appreciation. She will "meow" with a variety of emotion, look up with curiosity when called, move her tail with anticipation, cry when she is unhappy, and even fall asleep several times a day.

Tekno Polly the Robotic Parrot
If you've been itching to expand your robotic menagerie, Polly the Robotic Parrot is the answer to your prayers. Polly arrives in his plastic birdcage, standing about nine inches tall in silvery glory. Like his Tekno cat and doggy counterparts, Polly responds to various stimuli via his six sensors, and the more stimulus he gets the happier he is. Polly can be trained to speak, wake you up in the morning, cough and sputter when fed his cracker, and do a song-and-dance routine.

Meow-Chi: Black
This high-tech black robokitty will grow up right before your eyes, much like the popular Tamagotchi or Furby. Meow-Chi grows from a mewling kitten with a high-pitched cry to an adult cat with a lower-register meow. Like most kittens, Meow-Chi requires a lot of attention and play when it first comes home. To play with Meow-Chi, just activate one or more of its five sensors.

Chirpy Chi in Silver and Green
Will chirp flap his wings and bob up and down. Sings over 40 songs, Imitates other animals. Advanced biorhythmic technology determines mood.

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