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Samsung YP-700H - 128 MB Digital Audio
Compact and lightweight, the Samsung YP-700H digital audio player is the perfect companion while jogging, running, hiking, or just about any activity. This flash memory-based player is compatible with both MP3 and WMA files and also includes an FM radio tuner and digital voice recorder.


  • 128 MB digital audio player with SmartMedia card expandability
  • Store more MP3 files with 2xMP3 flexible bitrate MP3 audio format
  • FM tuner and voice recording; 4-mode equalizer and bass booster
  • Supports both MP3 and WMA files; firmware upgradeable
  • Windows and Mac compatible

RCA RD1000 Kazoo Digital Audio Player
Take RCA's RD1000 Kazoo digital audio player on the go and listen to MP3 digital audio files. With the 32 MB internal flash memory, you can enjoy over half an hour of near-CD quality, skip-free music (there are no moving parts).


  • 32 MB flash memory for skip-free playback
  • Plays MP3 audio format
  • USB connection for fast downloads
  • Additional memory slot for MMC cards
  • Windows compatible

Creative Labs 20 GB Nomad Jukebox
The Creative 20 GB NOMAD Jukebox lets you carry up to 340 hours of CD-quality audio with you. Using equipment roughly the size of a standard portable CD player, you can back up your entire CD collection to an MP3 or WMA format and never worry about hefting a bulky CD carrying case again.


  • Hold up to 340 hours of digital music
  • Available line-in jack for recording anywhere with an add-on microphone
  • Manually adjust the amount of bass, treble, and mid ranges with onboard Digital Signal Processing
  • Large 132 x 64 pixel backlit LCD display
  • USB connection to your computer for quick transfer of digital music

Samsung Yepp Hip-Hop - 32MB Digital Audio
The Samsung Yepp Hip Hop is easily one of the coolest-looking digital audio players around, and we found ourselves offering it up like an excited kid at show and tell. The player's small size and its groovy translucent orange color never failed to impress coworkers and friends, while its excellent sound also produced raves.


  • 32 MB built-in memory with SmartMedia memory expansion slot Backlit LCD screen
  • Compact and light--only 1.7 ounces
  • USB connectivity for fast downloading from PC
  • 4-mode equalizer with classic, jazz, rock, and normal presets

Sonic Blue MP3 Player (PSA[PLAY120)
The Nike PSAPLAY120 features a featherweight sport design that's perfect for the serious athlete and music lover. Capture up to 2 hours of digital-quality music from the Internet or your CDs with 64MB of built-in memory, then take it anywhere.


  • Portable digital music player
  • Supports MP3, WMA, and MPEG 2.5 formats
  • Built-in 64MB memory, expandable to 96 MB
  • Silver design, with LCD display
  • USB interface

Iomega 31311 HipZip Digital Audio Player
Iomega has entered the MP3 fray with a model that incorporates many of the company's strengths, including the use of affordable removable media and easy cross-platform support. And while the Iomega HipZip isn't the hippest-looking MP3 player on the market (it might be a bit too close to a Star Trek tricorder to be truly hip), it is one of the most functional and user friendly.


  • Store digital audio files on 40 MB PocketZip disks; 2 disks included for 80 MB of storage
  • Plays MP3 and Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA) formats
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery produces 12 hours of continuous play
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Fast USB connectivity

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