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Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java: Professional Developer's Guide
This guide to intelligent agent technologies reflects recent changes in the Java platform, applying it to Artificial Intelligence, software agents, and multiagent systems. This edition also provides a tutorial on the basic AI programming techniques and includes instruction on designing and developing practical intelligent agent applications in Java. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the complete Java code with JavaDocs for examples in the book, IBM Agent Building and Learning Environment (ABLE), and Sun Microsoft's Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) 1.3.

Agent Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to Desktop, Internet, and Intranet Agents
Ask the computer any question and it will figure out how to give you a correct answer. At least, that's always been the science-fiction scenario, a dream still far removed from real-life computing. But the growth of "intelligent agent" software appears to be bringing that scenario closer to reality. Is it all just hype, as many believe? Alper Caglayan and Colin Harrison examine the realities of today's intelligent agents and discover that while we're still a long way from the Hollywood picture of business computing, today's very real agents are already powerful business tools. They examine agents for Internet, Intranet and desktop use, evaluating processes that users can customize or automate. They look at agents that seek and screen information, sort e-mail, simulate human conversation, streamline processes for users, and much more. But they go deeper, delving into the processes and trade-offs of introducing agents into a workplace--including security risks. Perhaps equally important is that Caglayan and Harrison offer a clear and sensible taxonomy, providing a means for cogent discussion of agent technology.

Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind
This is science fiction without the fiction--and more mind-bending than anything you ever saw on Star Trek. Moravec, a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, envisions a not-too-distant future in which robots of superhuman intelligence have picked up the evolutionary baton from their human creators and headed out into space to colonize the universe. This isn't anything that a million sci-fi paperbacks haven't already envisioned. The difference lies in Moravec's practical-minded mapping of the technological, economic, and social steps that could lead to that vision. Starting with the modest accomplishments of contemporary robotics research, he projects a likely course for the next 40 years of robot development, predicting the rise of superintelligent, creative, emotionally complex cyberbeings and the end of human labor by the middle of the next century.

Intelligent Software Agents
A new generation of intelligent software agents is about to arrive, capable of managing and organizing information, recognizing personal tastes, and making increasingly important decisions on behalf of their owners. The agent revolution represents an extraordinary opportunity for business and technical people who understand it. Intelligent Software Agents is the first comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guide to this quickly maturing technology, its applications, and - above allits implications. Discover how agent technology is becoming increasingly adaptable, mobile, transparent, accountable, rugged, user-centered, and autonomous. Understand the challenges facing agent developers, including security, privacy, legal issues, control, and performance. Then, preview the future - including R&D on multi-agent systems, and on endowing agents with emotions, attitudes, culture, and multilingual expertise.

Mobiles Agents
Explains a type of software that travels the Internet on their own and make decisions and perform tasks autonomously, for example gather information from a variety of sites and assemble it into a digest. Discusses the concepts and technologies, telescript, the feeding and handling of agents, remote access, the IBM Aglets workbench, and other aspects. The CD-ROM contains a start-up kits for each major agent and book files in HTML.

Bots: The Origin of New Species
Cyberspace is now heavily populated with non-human residents known as bots. Bots are software robots that facilitate e-mail, entertain visitors, fight for control of IRC chat rooms or flood your e- mail box with spam. Andrew Leonard is the Charles Darwin of bots, chronicling their rise from the primordial cyber-ooze to their becoming major players as both drudge workers and nuisances of the computerized world. The world of bots and their creators is filled with serious issues pertaining to online freedom, and is sometimes downright disturbing, but it is also often hilariously funny. The author takes us from the problems of recognizing artificial intelligence to the almost slapstick comedy of programming bungles. Leonard deftly reveals it all in a book that's extremely hard to put down.

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