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Special offer: 20% discount on AntiPopUp for IE

AntiPopUp for IE

Usual price: $19,95
Special offer: $15.96
You Save: 20%

Size: 500Ko

Exclusive! Now only $15.96!
20% off regular price for AgentLand visitors.

Advertising windows are increasingly invasive when you browse the Web. Put an end to annoying pop-ups with AntiPopUp for IE, a leading pop-up killer.

  • Uses a smart identification engine to recognize advertising windows, and closes them immediately
  • Does not interfere with new browser windows - only the ads!
  • Kills pop-ups from non-browser applications such as KaZaA, Morpheus and Gator
  • Also includes Internet Eraser functions. It cleans Cache files, Cookies, 'Visited URLs', Typed URL Address dropdown list, the history folders, Recently Visited links and more.
  • For a limited time only, AgentLand visitors can purchase AntiPopUp for IE at the special discount price of $15.96, a 20% reduction on the normal selling price of $19.95!
How to use the special discount coupon

To get the 20% discount, all you need to do is to enter the AgentLand coupon code when purchasing. Make sure you note it down in a safe place:

Important information
Initially, the order page displays the normal price of $19.95. Enter the coupon code, then click the 'Apply' button, and the price is reduced to $15.96. As if by magic!

Download a free trial version of AntiPopUp for IE today!

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between AgentLand and
selected software publishers,
offering our visitors leading
software at discount prices.

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