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Copernic Pro
AntiPopUp for IE


iSpyNOW offers users the ability to remotely install the application from any location and view the logs from anywhere in the world! Simply send iSpyNOW via email to the Remote Machine you intend to monitor! Once iSpyNOW has been installed, you have full control and monitoring power in real time of that remote PC! View Chats Conversations in REAL TIME, Keystrokes, Passwords, windows, applications, websites, and MORE! iSpyNOW is the perfect choice for monitoring your home and Business.

XCleaner Deluxe
XCleaner Deluxe is a simple-to-use anti-spyware and privacy enhancement tool. No installation is required, simply click and start. With a system of check boxes, users can control the cleaning functions and spy software detection services.

Some features:

  • Encrypt files, email or entire hard-disks
  • Hide sensitive files inside pictures
  • Monitor what programs are doing on your Pc
  • Stop websites from tracking your IP
  • Detect "spy" software that logs your activity and internet tracks
  • Cleanse the digital foot prints left behind when you surf
  • Destroy potentially embarrassing "hidden" files
  • Stop password theft Know if users are snooping your keystrokes

PopUp Killer
Aren't you tired of all those annoying sponsors PopUps that get displayed when you visit some Web sites, such as GeoCities? PopUp Killer is a small program which can be configured to automatically close previously selected Windows.

Copernic Summarizer
Copernic Summarizer creates concise text summaries, allowing you to read more in less time. Based on cutting-edge technologies akin to artificial intelligence, Copernic Summarizer analyses texts, pinpointing key concepts, and produces instant summaries composed of the most important sentences.

Some features:

  • Creates instant summaries composed of the most relevant sentences
  • Works with most text formats including HTML
  • Integrates to popular applications
  • Exports results to a variety of file formats

NETObserve is your all in one solution to monitoring spouses, co-workers, children, employees and just about any other person that is using your PC! NETObserve monitors not only what is going on within your PC, but it can also record what is going on in front of your PC, through the use of a breakthrough web cam surveillance technology!

NETObserve is a powerful, discrete remote web based surveillance and administration suite. It includes the ability to monitor Internet chat conversations, websites visited, windows, applications ran, clipboard activity, printed documents, and more. It can also take screen shot shots at set intervals, as well as take pictures from external video devices such as a web cam. All logs are viewable securely from a remote location through a web browser. All logs can also be exported into four different formats, such as HTML, Excel spreadsheets, plain text, or CSV.


Email Hunter
Email Hunter is a powerful tool that extracts emails from web pages, clipboard, local files. It supports operation through a proxy-server. You can limit scanning depth and width. You can also delete them from URL list during operation. Type in the desired keywords and Email Hunter begins searching the web extracting e-mail addresses from any page containing those words.

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