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So that you can talk about subjects that interest lots of people, AgentLand has set up places where humans can meet and discuss their experiences related to agents. These areas allow you to ask questions, give your opinion on an agent etc, exchange tips for getting the most out of agents, etc.
Here, AgentLand provides you with a place to express and exchange your views on intelligent agents.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, share your tips and discoveries and discuss with people who share your interests.

Mailing-list is the first mailing list available on the AgentLand site. You can subscribe to the list and receive the contributions in your mail box, and/or access the list directly on this site (read contributions, post messages, search the archives etc.)



3D chatroom
Come and discover AgentLand's 3D world. Explore it with an avatar and chat to the other people connected to this space dedicated to agents.
To visit AgentLand 3D you need the Blaxxun Contact plug-in (download it here)

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Come and discover AgentLand's 3D world. Let's Go!

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