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AgentLand Newsletter
June 16 - October 07, 2003
October 07
Keep an eye on your computer

Whether your computer is at your office, in your children's room or your own bedroom, there could come a day when you absolutely have to know what is being done on your PC or your Mac while you're away! The answer to your problem is here: Spector Pro. [>>]
September 08
Finding Images on the Net

Finding information on the Internet, it is said and repeated fairly frequently, isn't an easy thing to do. Finding good information is often a question of experience and for those who have got into the habit of using intelligent agents, things are easier. With the right techniques and tools, it is possible to dig out precious nuggets of information. [>>]
July 28

You connect to your e-mail account and see 45 messages waiting for you. But unfortunately, at least half of these messages are spam. Spam (also known as junk mail) involves sending promotional messages in large quantities explaining the merits of a particular product, offering credit to pay off your debts or any other type of commercial offer. Of course, they have been sent to you without your permission. The advantage for the sites and companies that use this method is the low cost of sending e-mail. The disadvantage for us, users, is that it pollutes our mailbox, wastes our time and forces us to sift through and weed out the undesirable messages! [>>]
July 15
Survey without being seen

Whether you are the father concerned by your children's surfing, a company director worried about Internet misuse within your business or the conscientious manager of a computer park, intelligent agents can help you to keep control of your material. We already know about filters that can provide a preventive barrier to all sorts of excess. But here is an even more secret and often more radical weapon: the surveillance agents. [>>]
June 30
Smile, you are being filmed

Monitoring your house while you are away on holiday, making sure your children aren't getting into trouble in their play area or keeping your office safe at night: all of this is possible and easy to achieve in a smart house.[>>]
June 16
Weather agents to the rescue

The summer holidays are approaching fast and one of the questions in everyone's mind is: what will the weather like be tomorrow, in three days time, or next week? It's not easy to plan activities if the weather is determined to disturb everything! Camping in the rain or tanning in the storm is not ideal! Fortunately, AgentLand has the solution![>>]


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