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Newsletter July 15, 2003

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Survey without being seen

Whether you are the father concerned by your children's surfing, a company director worried about Internet misuse within your business or the conscientious manager of a computer park, intelligent agents can help you to keep control of your material. We already know about filters that can provide a preventive barrier to all sorts of excess. But here is an even more secret and often more radical weapon: the surveillance agents.

Do you want to spy on your partner? To know what your children are doing on the computer? Or your employees? Hiring a private detective is no longer necessary. Surveillance agents can be installed rapidly and effectively on any machine. Once installed and configured to meet your needs, these agents - also known by the sweet name of spy bots - will be your cybernetic eyes and ears. Without the user's knowledge, this software records everything that it takes place on the PC: real-time chats, e-mails sent and received, programmes used, documents opened and modified, sites visited, characters typed on the keyboard… Everything! Nothing is left to chance by these little spies that know very well how to be discreet, or even invisible. Most of them can also make screen captures at regular intervals, and run automatically on start up or according to a calendar that you have defined.

Safe? Discreet? In short, infallible? Certainly. But the good news, for some people, is that a warning message can be sent to alert the user that they are under surveillance. For an intelligent surveillance, all in all… ;-)

Computer Monitoring Agents


> Window Washer: a program is good for your computer
We all have web pages that we visit several times a week, not to say several times a day. With The Easy Bee, you no longer need to type passwords, click menus and wait for downloads. Whether it is for online accounts, auctions, jobs or news headlines, you can now stop wasting time with recurrent web visits.
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>> Anti-Spy <<

> Anti-Keylogger
Anti-Keylogger is the first product of its kind that can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of keystroke monitoring programs, both known and unknown.
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>> Spy-Bots <<

> XPCSpy
XPCSpy is a powerful pc spy software runs stealthy under MS Windows, and it's very easy to use. This spy ware allows you to monitor and record almost all activities (include key logger etc) on your pc when you leave or if you need, then it can create reports and send them to the email address you specified.
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> Snoop Internet and PC Monitor
Snoop makes it easy to monitor PC and Internet activity on your work or home computer or even from a remote location. Now you can record everything your children, employees and/or spouse do on their PC and have a report delivered to an e-mail address, anywhere and as frequently as every day.
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> AgentWebRanking
An essential tool for auditing your Web site's ranking in the leading international and European search engines, AgentWebRanking enables you to automatically compare the visibility of your web sites with those of your competitors.
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> PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper will close the annoying pop-up windows. It toggles on and off quickly and easily.Get rid of annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surf experience! It does not need configuration, and you don't need to learn how to use it, simply download and launch it, that is all!
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