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Newsletter June 02, 2003

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Prepare your holidays

64 millions Americans have used the Internet to prepare a journey, and 39 million have made a reservation online (source: Travel Industry Association of America, 2002). The online tourism market in Europe represented 7.3 billion euros in 2002, according to the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research. E-tourism is in a period of rapid growth. So why are Internet users so interested in online tourism?

Not spending hours on the phone with travel agents and paying the lowest possible price are the objectives of the “Internet tourists”. All the necessary information is now available online: it is possible to take a virtual tour of a village, make a list of local specialities to try and, of course, buy the tickets. There's no lack of online travel agencies. Between the famous “discounters” that offer radical price cuts, the traditional travel companies that also have a presence on the Web and the specialized agencies, it can be difficult to make a choice. What's more, the dates of availability can vary, or the advertised price may not include taxes and other hidden costs… And it is generally necessary to move quickly, since everyone wants to go on holiday at the same time…

Happily, there are comparison services that specialize in travel and holidays. Whether buying a ticket or reserving the entire holiday package, these comparison services seek out the offers from different companies so that you can choose the one the best meets your desires. Enter the destination and the date of departure, and the comparison service does the rest. It's a significant timesaver because it lets you compare dozens of offers for different destinations in a single operation. And it may help you discover that special offer that is only available online!

See the comparison services that specialize in travel


> Watznew: build your personal information portal on the Internet
What is the best way to keep up with the latest news and changes on the Internet? Specialized news sites like CNN can give you part of the picture on the day's hot topics. Sites like Google News and Yahoo! News offer a constant flow of information from multiple sources - but you can not choose what subjects are presented, nor what sources are used. A monitoring agent like Watznew gives extra flexibility – you can get it to check any newsfeed, Web site or POP3 e-mail account that you wish, and bring you details of the latest additions to these sources. Watznew aims to be a personal information portal on the Internet.
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>> Search Agents <<

> 1-More Scanner
Scan entire Web sites to locate the files you are looking for (e.g. images, sound, video, etc.). 1-More Scanner will scan a Web site to the depth you specify, and build a list of files found. Then, the customizable options help you to download only what you want!
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>> Games <<

> BookWorm Deluxe
Are you ready for smoking hot word-building action? Then grab yourself a copy of BookWorm, the brand new word game smash! The Deluxe downloadable version includes all-new graphics, sound, and music...
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> The Bat!
The Bat! is a great email client with every feature that an advanced user may need, yet with an interface that even a novice will fall in love with.
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> SpyCop
Is your boss spying on you? Has a hacker secretly slipped a spy program into your PC? SpyCop Scans your computer for Spyware Programs and detects any unusual activities within your windows registry. SpyCop can find over 270 spy programs.
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