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Newsletter May 19, 2003

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Peer-to-peer software to fight against SARS

Has the utopian spirit of the 1960s disappeared for ever? In our consumer, capitalist, warrior society, is there still a place for much derided 'peace and love'? Even if many people would give a weary, fatalistic reply to these questions, the Internet continues to see the birth of initiatives that place humanity firmly in the centre of the picture.

The creation of the Internet is related to the spirit of the 60s, and the idea of inter-connecting worldwide communities. Not so long ago it enabled the wildest hopes and dreams to reappear again, which shared a common denominator: making a better world. But little by little the Internet utopia was caught up by the laws of the market and of 'real' life…

However, just as the community movement seemed to be fading, a new type of software breathed life into it once more: peer-to-peer. The principle is simple: installing a program makes it possible to share documents with the entire community, and, in return, to download numerous gigaoctets of files (music, films, images) from thousands of different people. No more technical barriers. No more time limits. No more legal barriers. Some people saw in this a return to the very foundations of the Internet: from a technical point of view, with a perfectly decentralized network, and also philosophically, where everyone is able to disseminate and access any information.

But peer-to-peer software can also have humanitarian uses.
It is possible to use distributed computing power to the advantage of scientific research. In this way, projects that require huge amounts of calculating power can make use of a network of people who have installed a particular piece of software on their machine. This program allows their computing resources to be shared when the computer is not being used by its owner.
Projects currently underway covers the fields of cancer and AIDS research, or more recently, the fight against SARS: the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The idea comes from the Rothberg Institute, an organization that is entirely dedicated to research into cures for childhood diseases. To take part, all that is necessary is to download the programme, D2OL, that will use the calculating power of your computer to evaluate the curative potential of candidate drugs.

Enough to give some meaning back to the famous 'peace and love', wouldn't you say?

Peer to Peer software.


>> Metaseach <<

> Copernic Agent
Copernic Agent, the star metamotor from Copernic Technologies Inc. has been updated. The main improvements in this new version are: extended filtering features, new country-based search categories, support for PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the analyses, easier access to features for sorting search results, personalization of search queries and results (field selectors), as well as many other minor improvements (quicker start up, etc.)
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>> File sharing <<

> Fight SARS: The D2OL Project
Finding a cure for serious diseases such as SARS and anthrax involves many years of research. Help speed up the search for a cure for SARS by participating in the D2OL project from the Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases.
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> eMule
eMule is a new filesharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offers more features than the standard eDonkey client, because it's opensource but under the restrictions of the GPL License. With eMule you can download video ( divx ), music ( mp3 ), etc.<
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> Smasher
Smasher speeds up browsing by keeping your PC clean. It stops pop-up ads automatically, but still allows links that open in a new window. It cleans your PC of Internet traces when closing last Internet Explorer and removes cookies as you browse. Smasher has a special option to freeze cookies so sites can not add or change cookies.
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> Aqua Real
This fascinating 3D aquarium utilizes advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. Guaranteed to bring you the most beautiful and lovely creatures in the aqua world. You will be able to play with these lovely aqua creatures, touch them, tickle them, even feed them, and watch them to swim elegantly in the most dazzling 3D aquarium!
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