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Newsletter March 24, 2003

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In a hundred-mile-an-hour world, where technological and scientific advances as well as democratic and political upheavals follow on from each other at a frenetic rhythm, it is legitimate to feel caught up in a whirlwind. However, for the advanced Net surfer, solutions are available to keep your head above water in the incessant flow of current news.

The world lives in a frenzy of news releases, of reports that it is hard to keep up with. Finding your way around this mass of information is becoming more and more of a battle. Even on the Net, there are many dozens of news sites and it is difficult to make a choice, without the risk of missing the information that you really want.

Fortunately, some little programs can carry out this role for you. Specialized in the production of press reviews, these agents deliver the information you want directly to your desktop, in real time for some of them. These applications let you select the themes of the information sources to be used, so that you are only alerted to changes in the areas that you have defined.

For the more demanding user, it is also possible to configure monitoring agents that will ensure the surveillance at regular intervals of the pages, sites and newsgroups that you choose. Ideal for keeping complete control of the news!

Press review


Monitoring agents


Special Offer: 25% off Ghostsurf Pro

Personal privacy is the biggest concern of Internet users today. Web sites can learn a lot about you just from what your computer broadcasts when you visit a site. Now you can take back your privacy with GhostSurf Pro:
- Surf anonymously
- Clear all traces of your surfing from your computer
- Detect and disable spyware
- Block ads

As a member of the Agentland mailing list, you can get GhostSurf Pro for only $29.95! That's a 25% saving! With web sites learning more and more about you every day, you can't afford not to be unprotected.
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> How to optimize job hunting with
Recent studies have shown that the potential of the Internet is not being fully utilized by candidates when looking for a new job. In the United States, 40% of recruitment is done on-line although a large majority of job-hunters see the Internet as an important vector for their research, but still prefer traditional supports (press, agencies, recruitment consultants).


> Gprotector
Gprotector is the powerful tool to stop annoying popup windows. It stops any annoying unsolicited pop-up windows including those popups when you are closing some web pages. Gprotector is a small, effective and intelligent anti-popup software product that can kill annoying popup windows without human intervention.
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> WebMail Spy
WebMail Spy is a powerful, discrete monitoring application which will record and store all web-based e-mail messages. WebMail Spy allows you monitor web based e-mail from services such as HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL WebMail, and many more!
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