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Newsletter February 10, 2003

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Get your site referenced!

Your site is on-line, but despite all the effort that has gone into creating it, your mission is not yet over. Now you have to give it visibility, to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible – in other words, to generate traffic. As most people use search engines and directories when searching for information on the Web, it is indispensable to get your site referenced by the best-known and most-used search tools.

There are two different ways of referencing your site: manually or automatically. In the first case, you visit a dedicated interface to register your site's URL in the database of each search engine and directory. For directories that rely on manual indexation, the site will be validated or refused according to the criteria of each tool. For search engines, an indexing bot will crawl your site and index it.

The second way to reference a site involves using software to automate the submission process, sending your site to many thousands of search tools in just a few minutes. With an agent like SubmitWolf Pro you enter details of the site in a single form (description, keywords, URL, etc.) and submit it to all the different tools. This method has above all the advantage of being rapid.

Specialists in search engine optimization agree that manual referencing is qualitative, whereas automatic referencing is quantitative. It is important not to neglect one in favor of the other, because they are complementary. Good referencing is a guarantee of success for your site… as long as you also have great content!

On AgentLand, a certain number of agents to download and try:


> Perfect Keylogger – discrete surveillance guaranteed
To discretely survey what is being done on your computer while you are away, install Perfect Keylogger. This is highly effective spy software that will secretly record all the activity that takes place on your machine.
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> PopupDummy or how to avoid the popups
Experienced Net surfer that you are, you know what the dreaded word 'pop-up' means. These advertising windows that open, sometimes in multiple editions, on certain sites are a great source of irritation and annoyance. To get rid of them, call on a specialist: PopUpDummy!
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>> Cookies Filters <<

> Eshine Utilities Gold Edition
Eshine Utilities Gold Edition is the perfect solution for performing disk cleanup, system cleanup, disk usage analysis with colored html ouput, directory comparison and synchronization, Internet Privacy Protection and more! Proudly includes Fast Cleaner, Clean Assistant and Dir QuickView, with built-in support for each other!
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>> Mail Agents <<

> SeeStorm Messenger
SeeStorm Messenger is an expressive and anonymous voice & video instant messenger with talking 3D characters. SeeStorm's mission is to redefine the way people communicate over the Internet by enhancing their online communication abilities and experience. You can make new connections and still maintain your anonymity by using 3D characters instead of showing your real face.
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>> Ad Removers <<

> AdCrusher
Do away with annoying pop up ads that hog your bandwidth, delay your page loads, and simply get in the way. AdCrusher works with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. It is easy to use - with no complicated menus. It hides in the background and simply crushes pop-up ads before they can annoy you!
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>> Games <<

> Dynomite
Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This new PC game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone.
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> Seven Seas
Fans of this high-seas adventure game are in for a treat... and folks who haven't experienced Seven Seas yet are about to get their chance! You can play this Windows version on your home PC anytime you like. 3D rendered pirates and monsters, realistic sound effects, interactive tutorial for beginners. Can you unlock the secret of Treasure Island?
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> ChatBlocker
Are your children spending too much time chatting? Are employers chatting and getting off tasks in the office? ChatBlocker is the award-winning desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations! With ChatBlocker, you can easily setup time slots in which you wish to allow chat conversations - and when you do not want to allow them.
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> Gprotector
Gprotector is the powerful tool to stop annoying popup windows. It stops any annoying unsolicited pop-up windows including those popups when you are closing some web pages.
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> Intelligent clothes for pilots
In today's highly complex airplane cockpits, pilots can have trouble keeping up with information flow, especially if they become disoriented in an emergency. But at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition at the University of West Florida, a newly developed wearable interface lets pilots use their sense of touch to complement audiovisual navigation cues. The tactile displays "reduce the pilot's workload to free up more gray matter for other tasks," says principal investigator Anil Raj.

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