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Newsletter December 16, 2002

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Look out for the gentle robot-dog!

'Down! Sit!' That's how the modern child talks to their robot dog. These little robots are equipped with a voice recognition system that identifies their master's voice. An 'intelligent', even 'sensitive' toy, because if you don't take its education seriously, it will become lazy! Representative of the new generation, these 'intelligent' and interactive toy robots bring great pleasure to both their big and small owners!

Robots are becoming more and more part of our life, for example in home appliances. But the robots that attract our attention belong to an altogether higher category. These ones are able to learn through interaction with their environment. And they are a considerable commercial success - with their first robot dog, Aibo, Sony sold 3000 copies in the first twenty minutes! Capable of adapting to its environment, Aibo is the combination of artificial intelligence and mechanics. Researchers are working on creating total fusion between the two. Less advanced but just as interesting, more than 10 million copies of the robot dog Poo-Chi have already been sold around the world.

Brought up in a high-tech environment, children have immediately adopted these interactive toys. The skill they display in manipulating them is amazing. And the emotional dimension undoubtedly adds to the general enthusiasm they create.

More sophisticated than the 'intelligent toys', a robot able to learn like a real child is currently being developed by John Weng, a robotics expert at the University of Michigan. It is capable of obeying spoken orders, finding toys and picking them up with its mechanical hand. Weng's robot moves around the corridors of the university building, reacting to touch, sound and images supplied by its stereoscopic vision system.

The arrival of artificial intelligence brings an interactive, emotional and playful dimension to the world of toys and still has a lot of surprises in store for us.


> Cleaning Agent, where cleanliness and efficiency go hand in hand
Your computer seems particularly slow. Available disk space gets smaller and smaller with each surf on the Net. Turning on your computer and seeing the damage is a trial for you? Stop! Don't take it any more. Download Cleaning Agent and teach it to tidy up your computer to perfection!

> Screen Mate Builder: animate your desktop
A computer screen isn't a very lively thing, which is why all sorts of screen savers are available. What would you say to creating a little character to give life to your desktop?!

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>> Form Filling <<

> Account Buddy
A specialized database for secure storage of your personal info, Account Buddy remembers your logins/passwords, software registrations (i.e. serial numbers), credit card numbers, pin codes, bank account details, etc. It organizes your accounts in categories, and lets you easily find accounts matching given keywords and properties. Account Buddy allows you to protect stored information with a password and extends security with file encryption.

>> Desktop Agents <<

> IM Speak!
IM Speak! is a tool that adds speech to incoming messages from your favorite Instant Message program, allowing you to assign 'voices' to each one of your buddies, along with many other features.

>> Computer Monitoring <<

> e-Surveiller
e-Surveiller is a powerful user-activity monitoring, logging and management software package. With it, you can monitor the activities of computer users on standalone computers, on a local area network and on remote computers across the Internet.

>> Ad Removers <<

> GhostSurf
GhostSurf is very complete software for protecting your personal information from ISPs, websites, other users of your computer, and malicious "spyware" software; in general, GhostSurf addresses each potential source of online privacy abuse.

>> Off-line Browsers <<

> Web Devil
Web Devil is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting Web site images, backgrounds, HTML, JavaScript, etc., helping to maintain Web sites for content authors, and more. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want, and has a simple to use interface. Just enter a URL and it downloads with a single click.

>> Search Agents <<

> LiveWire! Broadcast
LiveWire! Broadcast helps you find and play virtually anything within seconds. Choose from 10,000 live radio stations or 5 Million streaming files (audio and video) to find exactly what you want.

>> Web Positioning <<

> AgentWebRanking Business
An essential tool for auditing your Web site's ranking in the leading international and European search engines, AgentWebRanking enables you to automatically compare the visibility of your web sites with those of your competitors. AgentWebRanking Business is perfectly suited to companies that follow their Web site ranking internally, and those that want to check of the efficiency of their SEO service provider.


> PicaLoader
PicaLoader is a fully automated agent that will retrieve all the pictures you want from any part of the Internet. PicaLoader can filter duplicate pictures, resume broken downloads, and save the name, size, creation time, download time and referrer URL for every picture. You can use the built-in picture filter profile or define your own.

> PopupDummy
PopupDummy! blocks advertisement popups from Internet Explorer, Netscape, and ad-ware desktop applications. It does not interfere with opening new web browsers and it does not require any initial setup by the user.

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