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Newsletter November 18, 2002

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KaZaA Lite, success for the 'light' version

Peer-to-peer has been seen by some as a new Internet revolution. That every individual should be able to share video, music, text and software files with the whole world is a considerable source of freedom on the network. A freedom that was rapidly reined in by the legal implications of freely sharing this type of material. Napster was the first to pay the price. Others have since followed, and many observers predicted the death of this means of exchange in the near future.

Nevertheless, other programs have appeared in Napster's wake. KaZaA is one of the best examples of successfully federating a growing community around the software. But a second obstacle disturbed users of file-sharing agents: the spyware and adware that is often bundled with this type of program. Once again, the community has organized itself to find a way around the problem.

KaZaA Lite is an exact replica of the KaZaA software, without the hidden programs. The result is software that has no unwanted extras, that works just as well as the original. There can be no doubt about its phenomenal success since first appearing on the network. And users are enthusiastic about the way it works, that can be seen as being closer to the original concept of liberty. So, light is better?

KaZaA Lite:


> All Cleaner, cleans up the Net
You know that when you work on your computer, you leave visible tracks of your activities. Not only would you sometimes prefer not to display them for anyone to see, but you may also want to free up the disk space that they consume. So don't wait any longer: call in All Cleaner!
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> PopUp Sweeper: a natural born killer
When connecting to Web sites, there are frequently advertising windows, or pop-ups, that open automatically and obstruct your browsing. Of course, to continue your visit, you just have to close them - but what about when three or four appear at the same time, or, maybe, every time you open a new page? It quickly becomes very irritating and you are soon conscious that your time is being wasted! To avoid these advertising windows, your best solution is an anti pop-up agent.
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>> Web Agents <<

> NetTweak Pro
Improve the performance of your Internet connection with NetTweak Pro, an easy to use software tool that is specially engineered to optimize your Internet connection by up to 300%. This utility is attractive, easy to use and well suited for both beginner and advanced users. NetTweak Pro provides easy access to a handful of settings that improve your Internet connection. These settings include MTU, RWin, TTL, NDI cache, and Black Hole Detect.
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> Banner Zapper
Banner Zapper is an intelligent software utility that automatically kills 100% of unsolicited popup ads. Once installed, it automatically kills all popup ads without any human intervention. No configuration needed. With the intelligent popup detection engine, it blocks all unsolicited popup windows you do NOT want to see but leaving the windows you want to open untouched. It blocks popup windows and banners even before they are downloaded and therefore saves your precious bandwidth to download useful contents!
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>> Search Agents <<

> Image Miner
A fast robot for searching and downloading image files from websites and search engines such as Yahoo, Google and All The Web, Image Miner helps you retrieve pictures quickly and easily. It offers several filtering options that allow you to limit the results, including a URL filter and page filter. Don't waste your time, automate the process of retrieving images from the Web
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> LanHunter
LanHunter makes it easy to search for files on your local network (LAN). LanHunter allows you to specify several search criteria. For example, you can search for files by name, date, size and text in a file. With a big number of details you will find everything you want in your network! If you know only part of the name, you can use wildcard characters to locate all files that include that part in the name.
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>> Monitoring Agents

> Wysigot: monitoring and downloading
Wysigot is an off-line browser that will quickly become your favorite tool. As well as being able to download and save entire Web sites, Wysigot also allows you to monitor any type of Internet content. Wysigot has one objective: become your browser of choice. To achieve this, the program has a range of very attractive features.
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> Tracks Eraser Pro
Your computer is spying on you now! Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet. Tracks Eraser Pro is designed to protect you by cleaning up all the tracks of Internet activities on your computer.
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> PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper will close the annoying pop-up windows. It toggles on and off quickly and easily.Get rid of annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surf experience! It does not need configuration...
¦ Try ¦¦ Buy ¦

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