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Newsletter November 04, 2002

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Biometrics: from head to tail?

Biometrics is a very reliable security technique. It is based on the recognition of a number of physiological features that are unique to each of us. A recent study by Frost & Sullivan predicts that the biometrics market could grow to $900 million in 2006, compared to $66 million in 2000.

This technique is becoming more and more widely used in electronic authentication systems. A four-digit access code can easily be forgotten. So lots of people note it down in a 'secret' place. A big risk to take!

Luckily, there are products that use biometric techniques to ensure secure access to a computer, a connection, a network, a building etc. Take the case of 'TAKTOOK' by Zalix, for example. It is a fingerprint-based identification system built directly into your computer. There is also the 'Finger Pass' that replaces a key or a badge with your fingerprint. So there's no way that your ID card to be borrowed, lost or stolen!

In the area of public security some systems are able to identify an individual that has previously been entered in a database, even if they try to disguise themselves (with a moustache, beard, glasses…). Notably, 'FacialX' face recognition technology has already been implemented in the United States in casinos (to identify banned players and known gangsters), stadiums (to prevent known hooligans from causing public disturbances), shopping malls and department stores (to keep regular thieves out) etc.

The applications are numerous and biometrics is also being installed in cars. Some carmakers are currently testing anti-theft systems that are based on the driver's fingerprint. A practical system for people that don't want to 'lend' their car!


> Mister Pix - grabs images from the Internet
Finding images on the Web has become a relatively straightforward affair, thanks to specialized image search tools like Google and All The Web. Getting the images back to your computer is still a time-consuming, tedious procedure - and that's where Mister Pix can help you out.
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> Copernic Agent Professional : a big step forward in Web searching
Copernic Agent Professional is the successor to the popular metamotor Copernic Pro 2001, with a totally new interface. However, the novelty is not just spruced-up ergonomics, but also the new features it offers.
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>> Filters <<

> Ad Popup Terminator
GleanerSoft Ad Popup Terminator is an intelligent software that can identify the unwanted popup windows generated by web pages and kill them before they appear on the screen. It includes a user-friendly interface for you to customize it. You can build up your own url list of sites that should not be terminated, disable/enable popup terminators, disable/enable tray icons, or even return Internet Explorer's context-menu to its original settings.
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> Privacy Protector
Privacy Protector is an privacy and clean-up utility that eliminates all these tracks from your computer! Cleaning up the history of your activities requires tedious hours of manually removing each history file or entry. If privacy and disk space are to be maintained, this process must be performed every time you use your computer. Privacy Protector makes protecting your privacy - and improving system performance a breeze!
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>> Images <<

> Flash Miner
Flash Miner is software that can help you easily find, download, view and save Flash files (*.swf) from special web sites. Although there are a lot of web sites that contain thousands of beautiful Flash files, it is not possible to download them directly. Flash Miner analyses the HTML code in the web pages and finds the Flash files, then download them to your disk.
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> With WebPictureBoss
With WebPictureBoss, you're able to surf the web, find pictures, download, save, and view them quickly and easily. While you're surfing, with one click on each picture you instantly select the picture into a special 'download control'. The picture is now in a 'list' - queued up for download, along with all the other pictures you have selected. Once you have enough pictures selected, you hit the 'start download' button. The selected pictures automatically download and save themselves - into a folder of your choice.
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>> ShopBots <<

> Copernic Shopper
Copernic Technologies announced that it will discontinue the distribution of Copernic Shopper Basic and Copernic Shopper Plus. The objective is to concentrate efforts on the development of new products to sustain their role as a leader in the information management solutions industry. The company has also indicated that the technical support for these products will be maintained until mid-2003.


> Guard-IE
Guard-IE blocks 100% popups and popunders, without exception. Using the Web without all those annoying popups and script-driven ads increases your productivity and eases your stress level! Guard-IE blocks script-based drop-down ads, Macromedia Flash Ads, and many others and, most important, is continually being upgraded to address more and more of these annoying advertising tricks.
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> Ultra Hal Assistant
Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. He can help you be more organized, he can help you use your computer, and he can entertain you. Ultra Hal has many animated characters to choose from and he speaks to you through your sound card with his own voice. You can speak out loud instead of typing.
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