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Newsletter September 09, 2002

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Anti-spyware: the hunt for the spies is on

After cookies, which provide information about your browsing habits on the Internet, new forms of spy software that go much further are starting to appear on the network. The new spyware programs collect and share, via the Internet, information about what is done on a particular computer. More


> NetObserve : the Net's all-seeing eye
Would you like to place a distant computer terminal under surveillance? Whether for professional or personal reasons, perhaps you are looking for an effective surveillance agent that is discreet and above all gives you full control of the computer? Look no further, we have found the program that will meet your needs. NetObserve is able to monitor everything that takes place on your computer, without missing a single thing, and to react at distance if you so wish. Even better: NetObserve also lets you see what is happening in front of your computer. Incredible, isn't it?

> You want e-mail addresses? You got them!
Email Hunter is part of the family of e-mail extracting agents. As its name indicates, it lets you hunt out e-mail addresses on the Internet and extract that from sites or specific Web pages. It is easy to use and simple to install.

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>> Accelerators <<

> SpyGet
SpyGet is a powerful download manager for accelerating and managing your downloads. You can retrieve any file from the Internet or create an exact duplicate of any website. With its user-friendly interface, SpyGet is very easy to use. It takes care of downloading all the files and websites you need, thus saving your time and money.

>> Child Care <<

> Big Momma
Big Momma allows a parent to control what time of the day software executes. For example, you set the computer so that the browser only runs between 6 & 10 PM. The parent can also apply age limits on software, so that you can allow the 17 year to play "DOOM", but prevent the 13 year old from using it.

>> File Sharing <<

> Morpheus
The version 2.0 of the award winning file sharing software Morpheus is available. A new graphical interface and a new logo have been developped. A search power meter informs you of how many servers you are connected to. More information on the file you are downloawding are available now. Morpheus also lets you refine your search for audio, images, video, documents, and software, and can run multiple queries. In the version 2.0 there is less pop-up ads then the previous one.

>> Indexing <<

> Search Engine Builder
Many visitors to your website usually go for particular information? And if they have to take much time to find what they want, you will be sure to lose some of them. Search Engine Builder is specifically designed to help you out of that problem. It indexs your whole website quickly and generate a efficient search engine for your website.

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> Message Board Blaster
Message Board will allow you to quickly and effortlessly post your message to over 1300 message boards with one click. If you're new to message board marketing, there are literally thousands of boards all over the Internet. These boards are available to the general public, and produce thousands of page views every day.


> Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents' fears,7369,785073,00.html
The parents of an 11-year-old girl are to take the step of having her fitted with a microchip so that her movements can be traced if she is abducted. Danielle Duval will have the device implanted in her arm in the next few months. The miniature chip will apparently send a signal via a mobile phone network to a computer, which will be able to pinpoint her location on an electronic map.

> Controlling Robots with the Mind
People with nerve or limb injuries may one day be able to command wheelchairs, prosthetics and even paralyzed arms and legs by "thinking them through" the motions. These feats have been made possible by advances in microwires that can be implanted in the motor cortex and by the development of algorithms that translate the electrical activity of brain neurons into commands able to control mechanical devices

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