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Newsletter August 26, 2002

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Get rid of bad links!

You have just created your personal Web site. It is all shiny and new and you are very proud of it. Naturally, you have put plenty of links to your favorite sites, and those of your friends. Exchanging links is a very good way to get yourself known and to build traffic to your site. But have you considered that these links can change? If you only have a dozen links on your site, you can always check them manually, but what happens if there are a lot more? A word of advice: use a link verification agent!

In general, these agents make it possible to inspect, edit, and check links, to remove broken ones and repair those that have been moved to another address. Some agents also allow you to check for 404 errors within the site, and to verify images, plug-ins, frames or scripts.

Once changes have been detected, you can receive a detailed report in HTML format, to be displayed within the program or printed. You may think that this kind of tool is only useful once a site has been put on line. But there are agents like Linkbot Personal that enable Web site developers to analyze and optimize their site even before it goes live. This particular agent can monitor up to 1000 links and identify more than 50 different problems. Going, going, gone!

Lots of link verification agents to download and try on AgentLand:


> A Mr. Clean for your bookmarks
All experienced information researchers have a bookmark of anything from a dozen to hundreds of their favorite sites. Having an quick list of references for easy access is very handy.

> WebMail Spy: the spy that watches over e-mails
You are being eaten up by curiosity… you can’t stand it any more! You would really like to know what people are saying about you on the Internet, whether it be your girl- or boyfriend, or your colleagues…

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>> File Sharing - Peer to Peer <<

> FileNavigator
A new version (3.2) of FileNavigator has been released. This peer to peer file-sharing program allows you to share and search for any file type from any network based on the OpenNap and Napster protocols. FileNavigator supports any file type, allowing you access to an assortment of video and picture files, as well as MP3 audio files.The FileNavigator interface is easy to use. FileNavigator has the ability to limit bandwidth and resume failed downloads.

>> Filtering <<

> SpamAgent
Why waste time wading through loads of spam every time you decide to check your email? SpamAgent silently runs in the background while you are free to do other things, rather than read spam e-mails. SpamAgent not only blocks Spam, but allows you to fight back against it and helps you to prevent spam from being sent to you again!

> System Monitor Detector
System Monitor Detector is an application to help you determine if you are being monitored by any kind of system monitor or spyware program. It does this by presenting you with several tools that will help you detect these kinds of programs. System Monitor Detector, unlike most other applications of this sort, does not rely on lists to detect system monitors.

> AdsKiller
Automatically close those annoying jumping popup adverts and you will never again worry about those trouble makers disrupting your fun on the Net. AdsKiller protects your browser: you can easily recover your unfortunate browser title and default home page, which have been viciously changed. AdsKiller protects your documents: when you use AdsKiller to kill a popup advert, there are no worries about it deleting anything in your PC. AdsKiller ensure you enjoy a pleasant surf on the Net

>> Advanced Search Agents <<

> AimingClick
AimingClick is a Web searching tool that lets you look up words contained in any Windows application in online search services: search engines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, news sites, etc. It is a handy and effective utility. To look up a word, just select it, click a hot key and choose a search site in the popup window. Your default Web browser will display the chosen site and the search results based on selected word.

>> AI Games <<

> Medieval 2
Tactical combat from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance! Relive the greatest collection of historical Middle Age to Renaissance Battles ever assembled in a single gaming system. Take part in the battles of Hastings, Agincourt, Dracula and many more!

> AI Wars
A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) allows you to develop the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of an insect-like mechanized unit. Once you have developed your A.I. to the point that you think it can hold its own in battle you can then plop it into a battle simulation and see if it can survive! It's your unit against up to 500 others! Remember: "Smart bugs never die!" & "May your A.I. Bugs be without A.I. bugs!"

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> Diligent Dingo
The Diligent Dingo quickly and automatically fetches investment message boards, news, charts, company research, SEC filings, and general market research web pages. DD fetches information on demand, on a pre-configured fetching schedule or you can monitor activity on a minute-by-minute basis.


> An agent in the fight against obesity
As part of the fight against obesity among young people (which affects one in five young Americans), Kidnetic has enrolled a small 3D character called Busy Buddy. Developed by the French company La Cantoche using the Living Actor technology, this companion appears on the Web site or directly on the computer desktop, encouraging them to return to Here, they can find details of new activities or recipes for healthy eating, that provide the energy they need

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