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Newsletter July 15, 2002

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You connect to your e-mail account and see 20 messages waiting for you: “Great!”, you say to yourself, “I've got lots of friends who are thinking of me”. But unfortunately, at least half of these messages are spam. Spam (also known as junk mail) involves sending promotional messages in large quantities explaining the merits of a particular product, offering credit to pay off your debts or any other type of commercial offer. Of course, they have been sent to you without your permission. The advantage for the sites and companies that use this method is the low cost of sending e-mail. The disadvantage for us, users, is that it pollutes our mailbox, wastes our time and forces us to sift through and weed out the undesirable messages!

The appropriate attitude to adopt when you receive this type of message is first of all never to reply, as that would only confirm the validity of your address. Secondly, it is useful to have two e-mail addresses, one that is strictly personal that only your close friends have, and another for using on newsgroups, mailing lists etc. In any event, avoid giving out your e-mail address without knowing how it is going to be used, and activate the filtering function in your e-mail software.

If you are still receiving spam despite these precautions, you will have to bring out the heavy artillery: anti-spam software. These programs can help you manage your e-mail, by deleting a good deal of spam messages before they ever arrive in your Inbox! They enable you to see the list of messages directly on the mail server and to choose which ones to destroy before downloading the rest. Some even block all mail from constantly-updated lists of known spammers. This summer, after butterfly catching, it could be time to go spam-hunting.

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> Pop-ups can get you down!
Ah, pop-ups! Boring, annoying, sometimes useless and resource-hungry. Some Web sites have very rich content but are significantly penalized by these "wild" windows. By deciding to leave one of these sites, there is a risk of missing out on very interesting information. What about installing an anti-pop-up? Yes, but not one that takes up just as much of your time!

> SpyBuddy, the spy at home
Do your children spend hours on the Internet, and you would like to be sure that they are not visiting inappropriate sites during this time? When you go on holiday, are you curious about who uses your computer while you are away? Your boss? Your office colleagues? Transform yourself into Sherlock Holmes by installing a companion on your machine that will tell you exactly who does what on your computer. Nothing will escape your notice!

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>> File Sharing <<

> BearShare
BearShare, the file sharing program, has been updated. New features have been implemented such as the hostile host detector that blocks spammers attacking Gnutella, the bandwidth controls that let you run 24/7 and still surf the web, etc. BearShare has been redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Windows operating system, from the active monitoring of shared directories, to all of the Windows-specific user interface details that the majority of users expect.

> Peer To Peer against spam
An innovative solution for fighting against the onslaught of spam e-mail: SpamNet aims to block 75% of all spam arriving in your Inbox! SpamNet is based on a distributed P2P community, whose members report messages as being spam. If you receive a known spam, it is automatically moved to the "Spam" folder in Microsoft Outlook. This means that you benefit from the vigilance and resistance to spam of all other community members.

>> Online Investigations <<

> Cyber-Detective
Cyber-Detective will allow you to uncover anything you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself. You can do searches on anyone in total privacy! It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing. It is simple and easy to use even for a beginner. Cyber-Detective is used worldwide by private investigators and detectives, as well as every day people.

> Net Detective
With Net Detective you can locate old classmates, friends and relatives, find a long lost love, get phone numbers and addresses, or locate anyone's email address. Discover how you can get auto registration, drivers license and driving records from across the USA. Check for criminal records and get copies of official transcripts and court orders, etc.

>> Anti Spam <<

> Broadband AntiSpam
Do you get lots of spam in your email every day? Much of it is offensive and irrelevant. All of it wastes your time. Broadband AntiSpam significantly reduces the amount of spam you receive and wins back that lost time. Broadband Antispam is a second generation spam filter which uses your Internet connection (permanent cable, ADSL, leased line or ISDN connection) to do more frequent and thorough verification than conventional spam checkers.

> MailGoGoGo
MailGoGoGo prevents any unwanted e-mail from reaching your inbox, even Mail-Bombs or Worm mail! Before you download unwanted e-mail, spam, mail-bombs or script mail, MailGoGoGo deletes it from your mailbox on the server. MailGoGoGo eliminates unnecessary e-mail from your mail server, so when you check your mail, spam doesn't get to your disk.

>> Computer Monitoring <<

> AlertMobile
AlertMobile is software for dealing with computer security incidents. It monitors all attempts to gain access from an unauthorized computer, sends SMS alerts to mobile devices, and receives and handles response commands.

> Anti-Keylogger
Anti- Keylogger is the first product of its kind that can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of keystroke monitoring programs, both known and unknown. Anti- Keylogger is designed to combat various types of intrusion and monitoring programs currently in use or presently being developed worldwide.

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> PopUp Killer
Aren't you tired of all those annoying sponsors PopUps that get displayed when you visit some Web sites, such as GeoCities? PopUp Killer is a small program which can be configured to automatically close previously selected Windows.

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