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Newsletter June 03, 2002

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Intelligent agents: supporting the 2002 World Cup!

The kick-off whistle has blown in the 2002 World Cup. Thirty-two teams are battling to take home the much-desired trophy. Whoever says 'match' also says scores, results, player news, surprises etc. A flow of information that can sometimes submerge us. Especially since the matches are taking place at times that aren't practical for those people who haven't been able to jet off to Korea or Japan. Unless your eyes are glued to the TV screen, you risk missing out on some important information about the Cup's progress. But who ever said that intelligent agents don't like football? More


> Sinope Summarizer: Honey, I shrunk the Web!
Ah, the Internet... the broad expanse of articles, its never-ending press reviews. Those Web sites brimming over with links, reports, biographies! How can you ever manage to read everything in so little time? Everything looks interesting, nothing should be missed: it's out of the question to make a selection! Breathe deeply. The solution exists. Sinope Summarizer brings the Web back down to human dimensions.


> Chatterbox Challenge Update
The first ten finalists of the Chatterbox Challenge have been selected! Alice, Chat-Bot, Doghd, Elbot, Eugene, Hal, Hex, Jabberwacky, Jabberwock and Talk-Bot will go through to the play-offs, where they will meet the expert judges! Two other bots will be selected by the botmasters to join them. Final judging begins next week! Check out the contest News page for more details:
Profiles of the botmasters and the members of the jury:


>> Push<<

> Mini Motty: your personal football commentator
Mini Motty is a desktop commentator that allows you to follow live football scores and news. He will update you throughout the day or night with the latest from the World Cup, and continue to keep you in touch with football during the next season.

>> Search <<

> GoogImager
GoogImager is a small utility for making a query to the some images search engines. You can switch between search in different engines and different types of search with one click!

>> Monitoring <<

> Stock Tracker Wireless
Keep track of the markets and your own portfolio. You can now be up to date on the stock market's performance and monitor the stocks you own. This software may help you be in touch with your assets.

> AuctionTracker Wireless
Keep in touch with your bids via your PocketPC. This a very simple to use and useful tool to track your bids on the eBay website.

>> Privacy <<

> System Cleaner
Protect your privacy and recover valuable hard drive space with System Cleaner. System Cleaner allows you to easily clean up the history of your activities on your PC and the Internet.

> AntiSpy
AntiSpy eliminates the traces of your work on computer.

> iSpyNOW
iSpyNOW offers users the ability to remotely install the application from any location and view the logs from anywhere in the world! Simply send iSpyNOW via email to the Remote Machine you intend to monitor! Once iSpyNOW has been installed, you have full control and monitoring power in real time of that remote PC!


> Talk on a cell phone without speaking!
NTT DoCoMo's research and development center has taken the first step towards development of a technology that will allow people to talk on the phone without saying a word. Engineers are developing a sensor, which detects signals coming from the muscle movements in the cheek and jaw made when people speak. The company hopes to complete the development in five years, says Mariko Wada, a spokesperson for NTT DoCoMo in Tokyo.

> First International Semantic Web Conference
The 1st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2002) will be held on June 9-12, 2002 in Sardinia, Italy. It will be a major international forum at which research on all aspects of the Semantic Web will be presented. Topics of interest include: searching the Semantic Web, use of Semantic Web languages and XML/RDF Infrastructure, visual modeling of Semantic Webs, Semantic Web for e-learning and e-science, etc.

> Sony shows new, cheaper AIBO
As part of the celebration to commemorate the third anniversary of the first AIBO Entertainment Robot, Sony has introduced a new robot: the AIBO ERS-31L. The new AIBO's look will be similar to that of a bulldog or pug, with a strong family resemblance to other members of the LM series. The ERS-31L will also include features such as photo-taking capabilities, a 75-word vocabulary, interactive and expressive sensors, and more than 200 new behaviors.


> Visual Web Task
Visual Web Task parses HTML tags and extracts data and files. It creates spiders for any download and extraction need. You can teach your HTML parser how to negotiate logins, proxies and security pages to download and extract what you need - files, search results, and more.

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