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Newsletter April 15, 2002

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Kill that pop-up!

Advertisers are always looking for ways to get their product seen. What better way, on the Internet, than to put it right under your nose? Pop! Pop! you have been reached by the invasion of the advertising pop-up!

When you visit a web site that is participating in a pop-up advertising campaign, a new window immediately opens on your screen, obscuring your view of the site. Very annoying! So you click to close the advertising window. But when you open a different page on the site, re-Pop, another window appears!

Naturally, there are tools to combat this everyday on-line pest: the family of pop-up killers. As soon as they detect a new window being opened, agents like Pop-up Eraser or AntiPop-up for IE step forward and automatically close it. Others ask you to specify known advertisers, so that when a page is delivered from one of these sites, it is detected and destroyed before it can disturb you.

On-line advertising is a fast moving field, and the hunt is on for new and more effective means of reaching the consumer. Last year's uproar about the X-10 'pop-under' ad (that opens an advertising page behind your current browser window) and larger ad formats within web pages are sure to be followed by new marketing innovations. But each time, tools are developed to protect the Web surfer from the flow of undesired information. Keep your web experience pop-up free with the pop-up killers! All the pop-up killers on AgentLand:


> Chatterbox Challenge Update
Eugene is maintaining its top spot in the public rankings - by the skin of its teeth! Elbot has been steadily rising up the table, and look out for Alice and Jabberwacky, which are both ready to get among the leaders. Come and vote for the best bot at:
Profiles of the botmasters and contest judges at:

> WebAssistant
To enable you to use the huge quantity of information on the Internet more efficiently for personal or business activities, WebAssistant creates a copy of your favorite part of the Internet on your computer. It can filter out adverts or other information you do not wish to see.

> Advanced MP3 Search
Advanced MP3 Search helps you find and retrieve MP3 and WAV files on the World Wide Web. Simply type in a search term, such as a song title or an artist name, and Advanced MP3 Search will search more than 16 major MP3 search engines and produce a list of relevant files for you. Once the links have been verified, you can easily download a selection with the click of a button.

> Image Wolf
Trellian Software is launching a new version of Image Wolf. The 2.0 version allows you to find image files much more easily and quickly. It offers an easy to use interface and multiple connections as well as the possibility to find images that are not listed on the search engines.

> Download Boost
Download Boost is a special utility designed to help you manage and boost the speed of your downloads. It boosts the speed of downloads by using multiple connections (up to 8) for one file. This tool has advanced features of the third generation of download manager software.


> Net Snippets
Unlike other tools that save entire web pages or bookmarks, Net Snippets allows you to select the portion of the web page you wish to save (snippet). Using Net Snippets you can save articles, news, pictures and practically anything else you can find on the Web. Prior to saving a Snippet you can customize the way it looks, add comments or highlight important information.


> US looks to create robo-soldier
The soldier of the future could be able to leap buildings, heal his own wounds, deflect bullets and become invisible. These are just some of the futuristic plans of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which has been selected by the US army to create the battlefield equivalent of Robocop. The $50m research centre will be known as the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN).

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