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Newsletter April 02, 2002

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Intelligent agents: at the cutting edge of marketing

Marketing on the Internet, like any traditional enterprise, is a question of survival. A good marketing operation is a source of recognition, visibility, increased market share… In short, of profitability. The Internet is fertile ground for marketing. But, combined with intelligent agents, it becomes a real cutting edge affair.

Like any good automats, intelligent agents save huge amounts of time for individuals and companies that want to get themselves known on the Internet. Need to have your Web site referenced? To promote the latest software developed by your firm? Or to spread your advertising campaign on newsgroups? Agents are there to automate all these tasks. It's up to you to select the search tools, newsgroups and Web sites where you wish to appear. It's up to the agents to send the submissions one after another.

Intelligent agents are also terribly effective at grabbing e-mail addresses on the Web - although this can sometimes also be used abusively. You've just created a product or service that targets a particular section of the public? Use intelligent agents to find the forums, mailing lists and Web sites where this community of users is active, and send agents to scoop up their e-mails in order to build a database of people who, at the end of the day, are very likely to be attentive to your message.

Rapid and efficient, this type of agent is becoming more and more sought out. Popular among companies for their large marketing campaigns as well as individuals looking for recognition for their personal site, intelligent agents are even more widely appreciated when they are used in respect of netiquette.

Referencing agents:
E-mail grabbing agents:


> Vote in the Chatterbox Challenge!
Public voting is now open in the Chatterbox Challenge! It's your chance to help choose the best chatterbot. AgentLand has all the information, as well as profiles of the judges and botmasters taking part in the contest


> GetRight
GetRight is a great program for downloading files from the Internet. If your download gets interrupted, GetRight allows you to resume from where you left off. So you have no more worries about losing that fragile connection to the Internet!


> A robot guarddog
Sanyo has released a robot watchdog equipped with a camera to scan your home for intruders and beam the pictures to your third-generation mobile phone. Called "T7S Type 2", it can connect its camera and its speakers to the mobile phone of the user. When an intruder is detected, the user can talk to him trough the robot dog. The T7S Type 2 will be available for March 2003.

> A robotic capsule to explore the human body
RF System lab., a camera manufacturer from Japan, has announced the world's first, battery-free capsule camera called "Norika3". Traditional endoscope diagnosis has always been painful and uncomfortable, though it is now changing as the take-in type endoscopic capsule camera is painless, just like taking a pill for cold. It is therefore expected that the capsule camera will become the mainstream method of endoscopic diagnosis in several years. Koichiro Harayama, the laboratory chief of RF SYSTEM lab., comments, "Images and operation signals would be connected by telephone lines, and doctors could freely join telemedicine from overseas".

> The age of smart machines
The director of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab Rodney Brooks says the age of smart, mobile machines is already beginning. You just have to know where to find them, he said. In the not-too-distant future, a lot more people may be living with technologies that Brooks's lab is developing. To help make pervasive computing a reality, researchers in his lab and MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science are developing the requisite embeddable and wearable devices, interfaces and communications protocols

> A computer-controlled cat door
Your cat has the habit of catching various animals, dragging them inside through the cat door, and letting them loose so they can be chased for hours. To put an end to this, a computer-controlled device has been built. It visually determines if your cat is carrying anything in its mouth when it enters, and if it does, simply does not let it in. This commercially available cat door (Cat Mate) is activated by a small magnet that the cat wears around its neck.

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