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Newsletter March 18, 2002

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Artificial intelligence to fight handicaps

Technology is A Good Thing. It enables us to communicate more quickly, to work faster, to process multiple giga-octets in a thousandth of a secondů We are all in awe before the progress made by human genius. But technology is even better when it plays a humanitarian role and actively helps our fellow citizens in their daily lives.

Artificial intelligence, domotics and intelligent agents know how to work for elderly and handicapped people. For example, the observation of a person's activities over a long period of time means that captors in an intelligent house are able detect any health problems among its occupants. This kind of system helps elderly people who want to remain independent but require constant medical attention to remain in their own homes in total safety. Then there is the "pill pet" developed at MIT. This robot dog, besides its entertainment value, reminds its masters to take their medicine at the right time. These inventions, although still being researched, should rapidly move on to the industrial exploitation phase, and bring assistance to those that need it the most.

It is clear that there is a high level of demand in this area and that there are potential applications for all types of needs. In the United Kingdom, the use of virtual humans to interpret sign language is being considered, as a means of increasing communication between people with hearing difficulties and the rest of the world. Initially tested in post offices, the system could be extended if successful.

Technology is often described as a generator of divides and inequalities, but it can also be used to help out where there is a need. That seems only right.


> Meet the jury
The jury of AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge is composed of agent experts, researchers and journalists at the cutting edge of human-machine interaction, as well as members of the general public. Experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including artificial intelligence and future studies, for the most comprehensive approach to choosing the winner of the contest.


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> Trout's Internet Clock
Trout's Internet Clock is an analog desktop clock. It can be used as a scheduler and a time zone viewer. You can schedule hourly chimes, multimedia, text or spoken reminders and run programs. With Trout's Internet Clock, you can design your own graphical clock.


> Spytech SpyAgent
Spytech SpyAgent Professional is a powerful monitoring suite that allows you to record what users of your PC do so you can rest easy at night knowing that you do not have to worry about how your PC is being used or what is being done on your PC.


> That Computer Looks Great on You,1282,50975,00.html
The human body is being broken down, analyzed and reimagined as part of an effort to build a better wearable computer. Using the contours and movement of the human body to improve technology, the government, private corporations and universities are creating new products -- usually a blend of hardware and software -- that will radically reshape how people interact with themselves and the world around them.

> Artificial Intelligence Software to Work on Broadband TV Set-Top Box
A team of computer scientists at BIAP Systems, a provider of intelligent software for multiple computing devices, has successfully embedded artificial-intelligence-based software on broadband television set-top boxes. The embedding of BIAP software on current generation digital set-top boxes marks the first time that a software application based on intelligent agents and artificial intelligence has been made to run on a set-top.
"The significance of this achievement is that we can now do some amazing things without additional hardware," said Aaron Ye, chief technology officer, BIAP.

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