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Newsletter February 25, 2002

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Information straight to the desktop

The Internet has the advantage of offering all sorts of information, but the problem is that we don't always have the time to look for and filter it. What would you say to receiving personalized information on your desktop without having to lift a finger? Well, nearly, because you will first need to customize the agent that will make your life easier. This type of agent is known as a "push" agent, it can bring you information organized by themes. This way, you can get the information that corresponds to the profile you have created, without any navigation.

"Push" technology sends information directly from the Internet to users, who no longer need to go and look for it themselves, but receive targeted information based on their personal tastes. The users are free to define their own centres of interest: share prices, multimedia, culture etc.

There are two types of "push" agent: on- and off-line. The "on-line push" agents allow you to get personalized information without installing any software. The information is presented on a personalized page, such as the service offered by portals like My Yahoo, My Excite etc.

"Off-line push" agents work in a similar way, but require the prior installation of some software. The first time you use one of these agents, you answer a number of questions that define your profile. Afterwards, you just have to sit back and wait for the information to come to you!

You will find a number of "push" agents on AgentLand to download and test:

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> Wake me up at 7:30am by Denis Susac
Speech (or voice) recognition (SR) is the ability of a computer to "understand" and interpret spoken words. With the recent advances in both software and hardware, it is offering an efficient and affordable alternative to traditional input devices....


>> Desktop Agents <<

> IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System
As its name suggests, the Intelligent Voice Operating System (IVOS) is an intelligent agent which runs on your desktop and learns the way the computer is being operated by you. It has both Speech Recognition and Text to Speech and also comes at a very low price.

> Butterfly: your Desktop will Fly!
A real computer butterfly that helps control documents, folders, daily working notices and much more!

>> File sharing <<

> Smirck
Smirck is an agent which allows you to search, filter and download various MP3 audio files on the Web. It simultaneously connects users to multiple OpenNap servers, making it easier to find a wide variety of MP3's.


> AntiPopUp for Internet Explorer
Annoyed by on-line advertising? AntiPopUp for Internet Explorer (IE) is a small program that automatically closes a sponsor's Popups. Unlike many other similar programs, AntiPopUp for IE doesn't require that you add each popup window to a list.


> Virtual pop star
The French teenage pop sensation, Alizée, is a new arrival in the UK Top Ten. Now, there is also a virtual 3D Alizée to accompany you around the singer's official web site, where you can find extracts from her album, "Gourmandises". After chatterbots that imitate John Lennon and Elvis Presley, and now Alizée, how long before a virtual Madonna hits the Web?

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