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Newsletter February 18, 2002

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Shopbots and the Euro: a winning pair for the best deals

Yesterday, France definitively bade farewell to the Franc. Just like the eleven other countries in the “Euro zone”, the Euro is now the only legal currency on the national territory. Twelve countries sharing the same currency... The cunning consumer will take particular note of one important aspect of this historic event: thanks to the Euro, it is going to be even easier to find the best deals on the Internet!

Put simply, a single currency means easier comparison. On the Internet, the champions of comparison are the famous shopbots, programs that automatically collect prices from different on-line stores for a given article. Previously, shopbots were mainly used to decide between competing merchants. This is still true, but instead of being limited to one country, consumers can now compare prices on an international scale. With no exchange costs between the countries in the Euro zone, the consumer comes out the winner on every front!

Currently, no shopbot offers price comparison across the whole Euro zone… but surely it won't be long coming. So it's up to the consumer to use two or more price comparison services to broaden their research to a wide range of national and international merchants. But with just one currency to reckon with, the comparison can be done in no time, and for the serious shopper, great deals are there to be had!

Shopbots available in Agentland:

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>> Downloading <<

> Fresh Download
Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager software that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite software, mp3 files, video files, picture collections, etc.

>> File sharing <<

> eDonkey 2000
eDonkey 2000 is a file sharing agent. It allows to transfer any type of file, MP3, images, etc. The main advantage of this agent is its ability to download films in DivX and MPEG format. eDonkey2000 doesn't rely on one central server, the servers can be located anywhere at any IP address.

>> Shopbots <<

> SideStep
SideStep is a free low-fare travel search tool that helps you comparison shop for the Web's best travel deals. Book your travel directly with brands you trust and get extra frequent flier miles and other special offers.

>> Metasearch <<

> eRadarSearch
eRadarSearch is an Internet search tool that will help you find information quickly and easily, while interfering as little as possible with your day to day activities. Unlike many other Internet search products, eRadarSearch has been built as a tool that is used constantly to find information and do online research.


> MP3 Dancer
MP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance at the bottom of your computer screen. After just a few seconds of rhythm testing, a dancer appears on the toolbar of your computer and begins to dance to the exact rhythm of the music, whatever music player you currently use.


> Analyse you blood with you PDA,1282,50018,00.html
Imagine a PDA accessory that analyses a sample of your blood for anthrax and gives you the results on your Palm screen 10 minutes later. A Danish nanotechnology research spinoff called Cantion is working on a technology it hopes will do exactly that. Other modules could check your blood for everything from AIDS to cancer. The module should cost $50.

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