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Newsletter February 11, 2002

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Who is the best chatterbot of them all?

Do you remember the first time you talked to a robot on-line? That moment of hesitation as you said to yourself 'there must be someone at the other end', talking back to you? No, you have just met the family of talking robots - the chatterbots - those master illusionists that simulate human conversation. Now, AgentLand wants to know who is the best chatterbot of them all. That's why we are sponsoring a contest to find out. We want your opinion too!

The 2002 Chatterbox Challenge, an international contest for chatterbots, is going to be a great opportunity to test the conversational skills of the world's best talking robots. Top quality entrants for the contest already include last year's winner, TalkBot, as well as 3 previous Loebner Prize winners and more than 40 up and coming bots. When the contest is underway (throughout April and May), everyone is invited to chat to the contestants and score their conversational ability. Your vote counts!

The best bots will be decided by a combination of the public vote and the panel of international experts. What's more, AgentLand has reserved two spots in the judging panel for members of the public - it could be you! If you think you are the person for the job, find out how to apply at this address:

Could any chatterbot be better (or more beautiful) than Cybelle ;-)? Come and take this chance to discover an emerging technology. AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge gives you an overview of a possible future of interaction between man and machines.

AgentLand's special report on the Chatterbox Challenge:

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>> Offline Browser <<

> Net Snippets
Unlike other tools that save entire web pages or bookmarks, Net Snippets allows you to select the portion of the web page (the snippet) you wish to save. Using Net Snippets you can save articles, news, pictures and practically anything else you can find on the Web. Prior to saving a Snippet you can customize the way it looks, add comments or highlight important information.

>> Accelerators <<

iSuperCHARGER adjusts and optimizes your computer for a dial up (modem) connection. iSuperCHARGER not only speeds up your computer when accessing the Internet, but speeds up and enhances all your Internet-related software as well. (ie: ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL, PalTalk, Netscape, Internet Explorer, RealVideo, NetMeeting, CompuServe, etc..)

>> Privacy <<

> CleanBrowser
When you surf the internet you are leaving footsteps behind you. As a result anyone can find out what you have been doing on the Internet! All this data also takes up Valuable disk space on your computer that slows your system down. CleanBrowser erases all tracks of where you have been, to give you stress free surfing and the privacy you deserve.

>> Shopbots <<

> CompRocket
Get the best prices on a huge range of products for your computer. CompRocket lists the price range for all the different items available on other merchant sites, so you can see at a glance how much you stand to save by shopping carefully. The PriceBot tracker lets you specify the price you would pay for an item, then alerts you via email when a price falls into your budget!

> QuickCD
Use QuickCD to get an overview of prices of consumer goods such as music, books, movies and games. QuickCD compares prices from leading Web merchants, and also sites where people sell their used goods, so you can really get the lowest prices! Available in English and Spanish, QuickCD also publishes a newsletter. The search options are rather basic.

> ToySavings
Specialized in toys and video games, ToySavings lists hundreds of products available at leading on-line merchants, including pricing information. Search features are rather limited.


> Kahli
Kahli DeskMate is an interactive cartoon character who lives on your Windows desktop. She reacts if you touch her or move her around the screen with your mouse. If you leave her alone, she will amuse herself and entertain you in the process.


> Wireless network lets objects talk back
A computer system that gives inanimate objects the power to talk back has been developed by US researchers. The system is designed to help engineers and maintenance workers check a piece of equipment by literally talking to it. Project researcher Yacop Genc, at Siemens laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey, says workers could start using the system in a real working environment by mid-2002.

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