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Newsletter January 28, 2002

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Get that site out of my sight

Internet contains both the good, the bad and the ugly; this is a reality that everyone can agree on. Of course, it's an excellent window on the world, but one that presents both advantages and disadvantages. Internet is a media where free expression reigns, where everyone can say whatever they want. In the name of this freedom, all sorts of paedophile, pornographic and Nazi sites also flourish. The problem is that we don't just live in a world of adults. How is it possible to protect the children from sites with illicit content?

As adults, we are able to make balanced judgements about what we see, which isn't always the case with our children. Nowadays, they are discovering and starting to use the Internet earlier and earlier and may find themselves confronted with sites whose content is not intended for children, and could shock them. Our role is to protect them from this type of material and to control their surfing on the Internet. It is obvious that you can't be looking over your children's shoulder all the time. The solution is to talk to them about the dangers that exist and, why not, bring out the heavy artillery: parental filters.

There are different types of parental filters, either integrated in browsers and certain portal sites or in the form of dedicated software. These programs can be installed on your computer and run automatically when it is turned on. They have a list of blocked sites and/or a list of keywords used for blocking access to sites containing them. It is possible to create different user profiles, and control access with a password. That's reassuring, isn't it? Agents are keeping an eye on your children!

AgentLand has a number of filters to download and test:


> Download smart with GetRight
If your download gets interrupted - and you know how often the connection gets broken, or your computer crashes, or you have to pop out somewhere - you'll soon be thanking GetRight. Double click on the file name, and the download resumes as if nothing had ever happened. Phew! If you're downloading big files, or even just 1 or 2 Mo, it can be a real lifesaver.

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>> File Sharing <<

> KaZaA
After suspending downloads from its site last week, KaZaA has been bought by the Australian company Sharman Networks. The sale includes the KaZaA name, logo, web site and software, as well as a license for the FastTrack technology that powers KaZaA, Music City (Morpheus) and Grokster. Following this announcement, the file-sharing agent is once again available for downloading. Currently involved in a copyright case before the Dutch courts, whose verdict is due 31 January, will this buyout allow KaZaA to continue its development? We haven't heard the last of it yet...

> The United Devices Anthrax Research Program
The United Devices Anthrax Research Program uses three-dimensional modeling to analyze one of the protein components of the anthrax toxin with the goal of finding the molecules that will prevent anthrax from becoming lethal. Help this research program by sharing your computer resources.

> The United Devices Cancer Research Program
The United Devices Cancer Research Program was developed specifically to search for new drugs that can help in the treatment of leukemia and other cancers. It is part of the Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program, and was developed in conjunction with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and Oxford University.

> The Stanford Alzheimer and Amyloidogenic Disease Research Program
The Stanford Alzheimer and Amyloidogenic Disease Research Program studies "protein misfolding" that could lead to discoveries about the causes and potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease, Type II diabetes and Mad Cow disease.

>> Email extracting <<

> Email Spyder
Email Spyder provides the tools needed to successfully extract (targeted) email addresses from the Internet, search engines, text files, html files, mailbox files, databases or Web pages as quickly as possible. Extracting "just any old" email addresses is not enough for the majority of marketing, so Email Spyder provides the most advanced filtering capabilities ever designed, for highly targeted extraction.

>> Mapping <<

> MapStan Search
MapStan Search is a search engine that presents the results of your research on a map. It queries a "traditional" search engine and compares the results with others that have previously been made and draws the map of your research. The map looks like a street map.

> is a personalized browsing system on the Internet. It relies on the collective experience of Internet users to facilitate your research. It allows you to access easily to all your navigation histories.


> Noa
Noa realizes your dream of having a personal assistant. She's virtual but she can do almost everything you need. A new way to communicate with your computer.

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