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Newsletter January 14, 2002

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Looking for images

Finding information on the Internet, it is said and repeated fairly frequently, isn't an easy thing to do. Finding good information is often a question of experience and for those who have got into the habit of using intelligent agents, things are easier. With the right techniques and tools, it is possible to dig out precious nuggets of information.

So used to looking for articles, or extracts from books, we sometimes forget that “information” doesn't just mean text. Images are a wonderful vector of information too. But therein lies a problem: how can we find the ideal image? Just the one that we need to illustrate our Web site, a report, a conference etc. Where search engines get caught out and give poor quality results, certain intelligent agents offer an efficient means of meeting the need. Specialized in searching for images, they make it possible to find that longed-for photo, drawing or icon more easily. But on this quest, don't forget about peer-to-peer search agents either: they are a bottomless well of images. By combining these tools, looking for illustrations no longer needs to be a vain struggle!

While we're on the subject, to give some color to your computer, come and discover the 4 wallpapers dedicated to Cybelle and the world of agents. You'll see that, in many cases, an image is worth a thousand words. ;-)

Image Search Agents:
File Sharing Agents:
Agentland Wallpapers :

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>> Metasearch <<

> Bingooo
Bingooo personal is a three-in-one application. It is a metasearch agent, a shopbot and a browser that searches various qualified sources simultaneously, and the search results are filtered systematically and presented in well-structured, clear result tables.

>> File sharing <<

> Napster,4586,5101517,00.html
After six months of wait-and-see promises, Konrad Hilbers, CEO of Napster, is finally giving a preview of what Napster will look like when it officially relaunches. It's still a far cry from what the final service will be, and nowhere near the grassroots phenomenon that only last summer seemed poised to subvert the entire music industry. The public beta test is limited to just 20,000 members and will provide access to just 110,000 independent-label songs.


> XCleaner Deluxe
XCleaner Deluxe is a simple-to-use anti-spyware and privacy enhancement tool. No installation is required, simply click and start. With a system of check boxes, users can control the cleaning functions and spy software detection services.


> The Intelligent Wireless Web
Written by two authors at the forefront of the Internet revolution, The Intelligent Wireless Web presents a fascinating, insightful vision of the Web's near future, with an overview of the technologies that will make it possible. This book explores technology developments in speech recognition, mobile wireless devices, network integration, and software that will be far more responsive to our informational and transactional needs.

> A Robot-golf partner
These robots were invented by engineering students at the University of Florida. The first, called Li'l Golfing Buddy, finds the tee and sets up the ball for a drive down the fairway. The other, RoboWoods, helps on the green, putting the ball into the hole. The students designed and built the robots as part of a graduate class in intelligent machines, and they remain works in progress.

> Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence
The book simplifies the process of finding basic circuits to perform simple tasks, and provides instructions for creating moving robotic parts, such as an "eye" or an "ear". Several companies offer kits for project construction but many experimenters want to design and build their own robots and other creatures specific to their needs and goals. With the book "Robotics, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence: Experimental Circuit Blocks for Designers" you will be able to decide what skills you want to learn and use in a project and then choose the right "building blocks" to create the ideal results.

> Internet fridge by Toshiba
Toshiba Corp. will put the first of a series of Internet-aided "smart home appliances"' on the market in April 2002, company sources said. The first available will be a refrigerator that will allow its owner to log in from outside the home and check what's inside. The Net-connected refrigerator will work by having items registered when they are put inside. Toshiba is planning to expand the technology to other electric appliances, including microwave ovens and air conditioners.

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