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May 27 - August 26
August- 26
Get rid of bad links!

You have just created your personal Web site. It is all shiny and new and you are very proud of it. Naturally, you have put plenty of links to your favorite sites, and those of your friends. Exchanging links is a very good way to get yourself known and to build traffic to your site. But have you considered that these links can change? If you only have a dozen links on your site, you can always check them manually, but what happens if there are a lot more? A word of advice: use a link verification agent! [>>]

August- 12
Virtual plants and animals to take care of

Maybe you are a secret animal lover but your partner is afraid of them? Or there’s just not enough space in your flat to keep a pet? Perhaps you are a botanist at heart but you just don’t have the time to water plants? Now is the chance to make up for lost time. The answer is not messy or noisy, but nonetheless requires a minimum amount of attention. The answer is virtual plants and animals. [>>]

July- 29
Specialized research on the Internet

How many people look for information on the Internet each day? Millions. But how many find what they are looking for every time? Er… Less… A lot less! Internet is a wonderful database, a gigantic encyclopaedia, the planetary brain that we have heard so much about. No doubt about that. But it is also a maze in which we regularly lose track of the information we are seeking. [>>]

July- 15

You connect to your e-mail account and see 20 messages waiting for you: “Great!”, you say to yourself, “I've got lots of friends who are thinking of me”. But unfortunately, at least half of these messages are spam. Spam (also known as junk mail) involves sending promotional messages in large quantities explaining the merits of a particular product, offering credit to pay off your debts or any other type of commercial offer. Of course, they have been sent to you without your permission. [>>]

July- 01
Become an on-line detective

More and more frequently, investigations and surveillance use the Internet as their base. Investigators and private detectives consult information held in hundreds and thousands of interconnected databases that can be accessed through the network: birth certificates, telephone numbers, death certificates, movements, profiles, etc. Most of this information is freely available. The important thing is to know where and how to find it. So take a magnifying glass, put on your crumpled overcoat and follow the trail. [>>]

June- 24
Survey without being seen

Whether you are the father concerned by your children's surfing, a company director worried about Internet misuse within your business or the conscientious manager of a computer park, intelligent agents can help you to keep control of your material. We already know about filters that can provide a preventive barrier to all sorts of excess. But here is an even more secret and often more radical weapon: the surveillance agents. [>>]

June- 17
Have your e-mails read to you!

We often complain about being run off our feet and not having the time to do anything, but secretly we know that it's a question of organization. Sometimes, there are tools that can make life easier. Everyday, we are submerged by a pile of e-mails, but don't necessarily have the time to deal with all of them. There are agents that can help you, by managing your mailbox. [>>]

June- 10
Web Positioning Agents: a must for all webmasters

Search engines drive a lot of traffic to Web sites. It is important to be as highly ranked in search engine results as possible, so that when an unsuspecting Internet user types your keyword, they immediately come across your site. How can you know how visible your Web site is in 20 different search engines, for 20 different keywords? You can enter 400 manual queries of course, if you have a few hours to spare. Or you can put a Web Positioning agent to work. [>>]

June- 03
Intelligent agents: supporting the 2002 World Cup!

The kick-off whistle has blown in the 2002 World Cup. Thirty-two teams are battling to take home the much-desired trophy. Whoever says 'match' also says scores, results, player news, surprises etc. A flow of information that can sometimes submerge us. Especially since the matches are taking place at times that aren't practical for those people who haven't been able to jet off to Korea or Japan. Unless your eyes are glued to the TV screen, you risk missing out on some important information about the Cup's progress. But who ever said that intelligent agents don't like football?[>>]

I summarize therefore I am

Who has never let out a cry of despair or a discouraged groan in front of their computer screen at the sight of a information-rich table of contents that they will never have the time or energy to read all of? Haven't you ever felt a feeling of frustration when you launch a search query and see hundreds of references come up, knowing that you will only be able to view a few dozen of them?[>>]


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