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March 18 - May 21
There are forms to fill everywhere!

Filling forms is an obligatory step when ordering, subscribing, carrying out administrative formalities etc. This is as true in everyday life as on the Net. What Internet user has never found themselves faced with a form to fill or a password to enter at one moment or another? It's always the same thing, you have to type in the same information over and over… A fastidious task, and a time-consuming one too. [>>]

Finding information on the Internet is within your reach

Searching for information on the Internet can be a most amazing and a most frustrating occupation. You'll typically come across many things whose existence you had never expected - and sometimes would have preferred to keep it that way. Successful searching for information depends on using good methods and good tools. [>>]

Downloading accelerators: divide to rule

Maybe you have a high-speed connection and you think you are safe from network outages? It is sometimes said that only dial-up modem users have problems when downloading. Perhaps you think that a downloading accelerator isn't necessary with your type of connection? Try one out and you will see the difference. [>>]

Monitor, to educate better?

At a time when the Internet seems to be becoming part of our daily life, the children born with or after the Internet will grow up using it more easily and regularly than us. Considering that it is "the biggest encyclopaedia in the world", it is in our interest to give them access to this digital world. The Internet will be a companion in play, a support for schoolwork and a means of communication and exchange. [>>]

Computer, what will the weather be tomorrow?

Spring is here, although you could be forgiven for occasionally wondering if there has not been a mistake somewhere. At this time of year, our thoughts turn to picnicking on the grass, or walking in the woods to get back in touch with nature after a few months of hibernation. The problem is that you can't trust the weather, it's a well-known fact! Wouldn't it be great to have an intelligent agent that would keep you informed about the weather?[>>]

Kill that pop-up!

Advertisers are always looking for ways to get their product seen. What better way, on the Internet, than to put it right under your nose? Pop! Pop! you have been reached by the invasion of the advertising pop-up! [>>]

Intelligent agents take care of your health

In 1999, more than 30000 medical sites were identified on the Web by the Rouen University Hospital Center. The number of sites and portals specialized in health matters keeps increasing all the time, a sign that Internet users are closely interested in their health.[>>]

Intelligent agents: at the cutting edge of marketing

Marketing on the Internet, like any traditional enterprise, is a question of survival. A good marketing operation is a source of recognition, visibility, increased market share… In short, of profitability. The Internet is fertile ground for marketing. But, combined with intelligent agents, it becomes a real cutting edge affair.[>>]

You should take a look at yourself when you've been drinking

You meet up one evening with some friends and want to go for a drink, but no-one knows where to find the nearest bar. You go round in circles for hours before finding one that turns out not to be to your taste. But all that would never have happened if you had taken your eSleeve, or more precisely PubCrawl. It is part of the family of "wearable computers", and comes in the form of a watch that in fact is a wrist-based computer. This application queries a database of pubs (limited to Bristol, U.K. for the moment) and so localises the nearest bars, using the GPS system. On the screen, the four closest pubs are listed, each with a description of the establishment and details of how to get there.[>>]

Artificial intelligence to fight handicaps

Technology is A Good Thing. It enables us to communicate more quickly, to work faster, to process multiple giga-octets in a thousandth of a second… We are all in awe before the progress made by human genius. But technology is even better when it plays a humanitarian role and actively helps our fellow citizens in their daily lives.[>>]


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