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Newsletter December 31, 2001

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See you next year on AgentLand

This time of year is often the occasion to look back on the past months and make resolutions for the coming year, in a spirit of hope and optimism.

2001 has been a good year for AgentLand. Since the launch almost a year ago, the number of subscribers to the newsletter has grown constantly. From its creation, the newsletter has aimed to be a means to closely follow the news from the world of intelligent agents, to keep up to date with the arrival of new agents, their updates, the progress in research etc. Next year will be the occasion to consolidate this success and to work even harder to satisfy your curiosity for all matters relating to agents.

But for now it's the time for celebrations and holidays (for the lucky ones). A word of advice, don't overdo the good things in life ;-). For anyone running a little late, the Christmas store is staying open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you forgot a present for a cousin or friend, it is not too late to make up for it! All that remains is to wish you an excellent year in 2002!

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>> Metasearch agents <<

> Bingooo
Bingooo personal is a three-in-one application. It is a metasearch agent, a shopbot and a browser that searches various qualified sources simultaneously, and the search results are filtered systematically and presented in well-structured, clear result tables.

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_     AgentLand offers you a selection of robots, video games and software agents
_     that would fit neatly into Father Christmas's bag of presents


> Accelerate 2K2
Accelerate 2K2 dramatically speed ups your Internet connection performance by optimizing Windows settings for data transfer over modem/network connections. This means that downloading and viewing Web sites is much faster, and makes your general Internet experience more pleasant.


> British Scientists use nanotech to create secret message device
Scientists have created a new microelectronic device that can emit the smallest amount of light possible, a breakthrough that may lead to absolute confidentiality in communications involving finance, health care and other fields. A perfectly secure message impossible to eavesdrop on depends on communication signals that contain only one packet of light, or photon.

> Santa Claus expected to visit KSC to Install X-Mas Robotic Arm
Kennedy Space Center (KSC) officials have learned that Santa Claus is planning a late-night landing at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) to install a new robotic toy distribution aid on his sleigh. Although KSC employees will be at home enjoying the holidays, the SLF will be left in full operational mode to accommodate the world-renowned sleigh commander, who has been granted special security clearance.

> The wired bus stop
A Hong Kong public transportation company, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) has come up with the idea of putting television screens in a moving bus to keep their passengers entertained and informed while travelling. "With the Cyber Bus Stop you can check the weather, news, bus timetables and KMB's website" said Elis Tan from KMB. KMB said their new Cyber Bus Stop would be out on the street by the end of the year in Hong Kong.

> Locate your children via Internet
Hong Kong company Satellite Devices are about to release a device to monitor where your children are via Internet. Called “Kid Finder”, this device uses GPS and GSM mobile technology. "Sky Eye's Kid Finder can locate the exact position of a child," said Estella Tsui from Satellite Devices. "A parent can locate their missing child over the internet. And, in the event of an emergency, the child can press the SOS button direct to the control centre."

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