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Newsletter December 04, 2001

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Cybelle's wonderful Christmas

Only 21 days to go before the big day, that favorite for young and old alike: Christmas. At last!
Christmas, its special cozy atmosphere to share with the family; Christmas, the decorations in the street, the color in the neighborhood; Christmas and all the tradition that goes with itů

But Christmas 2001 isn't any old Christmas. No, this one is going to be Cybelle's very first Christmas! Overwhelmed at the thought of the celebrations that she is on the point of discovering, our charming guide has donned the garments of Mother Christmas, and can't help counting down the days before the big event.

Equally, all of AgentLand has dressed up in honor of the festive season, with some colorful and snowy pages. Cybelle has skipped across the whole of the Internet on the lookout for surprising and intelligent gifts, a selection of which can be found in our Christmas shop. Robots, video games or agent software, here are some ideas to intelligently start your Christmas shopping.

But why wait for December 25 to give out your presents? AgentLand is giving its first one today to all its visitors, with the arrival of a new member of the Expert Zone. After many years as the recognized expert in charge of's Artificial Intelligence site, we have the honor of welcoming Denis Susac to the AgentLand team. This week, read his article on developmental robots.

That's really a great start to Christmas. And it's even got Cybelle's attention for the momentů ;-)

Expert Zone

> Developmental Robots
Researchers are struggling to make intelligent machines that can learn on their own. Do we really need intelligent computers that may become superior to biological systems?

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>> Offline Browsers <<

> Internet Researcher
Internet Researcher lets you download, organize, browse, and search Web pages or entire Web sites. Internet Researcher is powerful yet a very easy to use Web site copier.

> Offline Commander
Offline Commander lets you download, organize, browse, and search Web pages or entire Web sites. Offline Commander is powerful yet a very easy to use Web site copier.

>> Search agents <<

> MP3 Pathfinder
Use MP3 Pathfinder to quickly and efficiently search the Web for MP3 files. This utility employs the most powerful and accurate search engines.

>> Link Verification <<

> Web Link Validator
Web Link Validator is a tool webmasters to check links for accuracy and availability, find broken links or paths and links containing syntactic errors. Using this tool you can also retrieve links from a site and then browse them. You can also verify all paths to stylesheets, image files etc. And you will not have to browse the site looking for a necessary link.

>> File sharing <<

> Can't stop, won't stop, says KaZaA
Napster-style file-sharing service KaZaA has said it can't stop its users downloading copyrighted music - even though a Dutch court has ordered it to do so. KaZaA has claimed it cannot stop its users because, unlike Napster, it doesn't know who they are. The KaZaA software has already been distributed and KaZaA claims it is unable to now see what users of the software are swapping.

> Aimster reveals subscription service
In response to Aimster's mounting legal problems, an optional $4.95 per month subscription service is now available. Called "Club Aimster", this service offers information on new bands, top 40 music and new releases. Whether you subscribe or not, you still have access to any file on the Aimster network.
Club Aimster

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> Window Washer
Protect your privacy and keep your system clean with Window Washer, which automatically cleans your browser's cache, cookies, and history along with your Windows tracks, and much more!


> An intelligent fabric
A growing group of researchers is coalescing around the idea that the future of mobile computing may have less to do with small PCs and more to do with something they call smart yarn.
At the center of the activity, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has released a request for proposals that aims to bring together people and technologies in the textile and electronics industries to forge the tools, processes and fundamental technology needed to build a new class of wearable systems made of fabric.

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