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Newsletter March 05, 2001
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The secret agents of MP3

Downloading music from the Internet, what could be easier ? With the arrival of MP3 – the lightweight audio format which is close to CD quality – the Internet has become an enormous record collection. And the number of MP3 search engines keeps growing too. They are also getting more and more complicated, without being able to guarantee satisfactory results. How many pop-up ads do you have to see before you find what you're looking for? How many broken links do you have to follow before you get your reward? It's a real headache!

Instead of wearing yourself out on hard-to-use sites, ask an intelligent MP3 agent to do the job for you. Whether they are on-line or based on your hard drive, they search not only the Web, by visiting numerous search engines simultaneously, but also file-sharing communities and networks. They sometimes include an FTP module to make it easier to download the MP3 files you find, and can even check for broken links in the search results.

AgentLand presents the MP3 agents, which make it easy to find your favorite music on the Internet without wasting your time. Success guaranteed!

Discover all the MP3 agents available on AgentLand:


N E W   A G E N T S

>> MP3 <<

> MP3 Easy
MP3 Easy allows you to key in song details, search the Internet for matches, download the MP3 file and play it. 6 of the best MP3 search engines are used by MP3 Easy. If the MP3 site won't give it 'for free' MP3 Easy will offer another MP3 music file, to swap for the one you want.

> JOC MP3 Finder
JOC MP3 Finder is a tool for searching and downloading MP3 files on the net. Enter a song, artist, etc, and JOC MP3 Finder will simultaneously check all configured search engines, finding MP3 files related to the text entered.

> MP3 Star Searcher
MP3 Star Search combines multiple separate search engines and gives you query results in an Explorer-like interface. It checks the results to avoid dead links. Once you find an active server, download the file you want with an FTP Client.

> MP3 Voyeur
MP3 Voyeur searches for shared MP3 files in your local area network. It gets the files by diving into shared folders that you didn't even know were shared on the network. The files that MP3 Voyeur lists for you are guaranteed to be accessible.

>> Personal Assistants <<

> Speaking Calendar
Speaking Calendar is a desktop calendar/appointment manager with a difference. MS Agent characters are used to announce and speak your appointments, alarms and the current date to you. You may set as many appointments or alarms as you wish with this calendar, there are no limits.

>> Mail Agents <<

> Speak & Mail
Speak & Mail enables your computer to "talk to you". Speak & Mail will notify you when new mail arrives by reading the message header and contents according to your preferences. Speak & Mail features voice recognition technology which can be used to launch applications, web sites, play some music, shut down, restart your computer or just reply.

>> File sharing <<

> Rapigator
Rapigator lets you share and download files. It has the ability to share and search for any file type on servers. It allows you to be contacted by anyone on any Napster server (as long as they are all linked at that time).

>> Specialized Monitoring agents <<

> Froggy
Froggy is a very cute and clever weatherfrog. It is able to forecast the weather for every day and for over 700 cities world-wide.

>> Shopbots <<

> Intellitrip
This agent compares airline tickets prices. Once you have registered, enter your flight information and in a single step IntelliTrip will search multiple airline Web sites and return their best fares. Comparison-shop the rates that airlines make available through their Web sites then buy direct.

A G E N T  U P D A T E S

>> Downloading <<

> Mass Downloader
Mass Downloader, the program that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from the Web and FTP sites, has been updated. This agent also allows you to browse Zip archives before loading them and to choose only the desired files to download.

>> Mail agent <<

> Speaking Email Deluxe
Speaking Email Deluxe uses Microsoft Agent characters to read your email messages. This update fixes some bugs. With this mail agent, the user can see how many emails are waiting in the screen saver mode, with the Email Saver.

>> File sharing <<

> Swaptor
Swaptor connects the computers of users who wish to share files in the Swaptor online community. Once connected to the Swaptor community, users can freely share and exchange all types of files. This version of Swaptor now has new features: you can specify all the file types you wish to share, control the number of files uploading, send private messages, etc. The search functionality has also been improved .

>> Shopbots <<

> DealTime
DealTime, the comparison shopping service that lets you search stores across the Internet, is available in four countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. DealTime can also tracks online shopping sites, auctions, classified ads and sales, and notifies you directly to your desktop, as products become available at your optimal price.

>> Metasearch <<

> Strategic Finder
The new update for this metasearch agent is available. Strategic Finder is capable of querying over 4000 databases at the same time. It is designed to enable you to use the Internet for competitive intelligence, monitoring the launches of replacement products, the appearance of new competitors or standards, etc.


> MP3 Fiend
MP3 Fiend is a MP3 metasearch engine for Windows. It searches 11 of the Internet's best MP3 engines simultaneously. MP3 Fiend verifies the search engine's results, finds an incredible number of MP3s in seconds, finds both FTP and HTTP files, searchs from some of the world's top music charts, save and print the results list, etc.


> Motorola teams with Creature Labs to create wireless A-Life!
Motorola Inc.'s (NYSE:MOT) Global Telecom Solutions Sector and Creature Labs have announced that the two companies are to jointly develop and market artificial life pet nurturing games that consumers can play with on data-enabled handsets connected to 2.5G and 3G cellular networks, including GPRS and UMTS.
The first offering is based upon the world famous Sea-Monkey® brand, although subsequent versions will be customized for individual customer requirements.

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