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Newsletter October 29, 2001

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Intelligent agents are coming to your mobile phone!

The first commercial offer for third generation mobile telephony was launched on 1 October in Japan. Making the dream of videophones a reality, it has already won a large number of users. The UMTS mobile communication standard offers high-debit transmission and worldwide access. It will be the catalyst for the development of a range of interactive services that have not been possible up till now with mobile phone standards such as GSM or CMDA. Get ready: intelligent agents are coming to your mobile phone!

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is the official name for so-called third generation mobile telecommunications, which will be introduced in Europe as of 2002. Rapid Internet access will allow operators and manufacturers to offer more interactive and "intelligent" services. Already, the company Artificial Life is developing "Alife Mobile", that intends to bring a personal assistant to your mobile phone. Able to provide personalized information based on your profile, this intelligent agent will travel around the Internet in search of the information you have requested. It will then filter and organize the results in order to present them on your mobile device in a precise and concise manner, so you do not waste a minute of your time.

Other types of mobile intelligent agents have been developed. They carry out their tasks in the background without disturbing the day-to-day use of your telephone. "Topia Personal Agents" for example work even when you mobile device switched off. They help with everyday duties like managing your timetable, organizing travel, mobile commerce, etc. Described as the operators' secret weapon, mobile intelligent agents will offer applications which are likely to create a lot of interest, both among operators and users, in fields as diverse as interactive personalized content, e-commerce or gaming. Let's bet that they will revolutionize the way in which we communicate and get information.

ALL the intelligent mobile agents on AgentLand:


> Window Washer: clean up your footprints!
Did you know that your computer can be washed clean? Most software stores information about your computer activity: the documents you opened, the sites you visited and many other things. Anybody can know what you have been doing. What's more, storing this information takes up a great deal of hard disk space that will keep growing if you don't do something about it! There's nothing better than a bit of spring-cleaning to make your computer seem brand new!


>> Weather <<

> InterWARN
With InterWARN, be the first to know when severe weather will strike, with automated instant access to all the latest watches, warnings, and advisories from the National Weather Service. InterWARN is completely customisable and has an interactive interface that allows you to get the information you want with options that include visual and audio alarms.

>> Profiling agents <<

> Alexa
Alexa has just been released in version 6.0. In the form of a horizontal bar integrated to your browser, Alexa brings you detailed statistics about the site you are visiting and suggests other relevant links to check out. Perfect for extending the boundaries as you surf the Web, Alexa is now even more user-friendly and convivial than before.

>> File Sharing <<

> BadBlue
BadBlue is a lightweight application that will turn your computer into a Web Server, so you can share files with other people. You just have to specify which folders you want to share, then you can build your own private community of friendly machines, or search other computers running BadBlue, identified automatically on IRC-sharing servers.

> Napster
Embattled song-swap company Napster on Wednesday said it plans to cut about 16 jobs out of its total work force of 104 people.
Napster attracted nearly 60 million users at its peak by letting people swap songs for free. The service has been idle since July, however, due to technical glitches it faced while trying to comply with a court order barring it from letting people trade copyrighted material.
Napster is currently working to transform its service into a secure, membership-charging platform it plans to launch later this year.

>> Monitoring <<

> MyUpdate
MyUpdate, the free wireless monitoring agent, is no longer available for download. Existing users can continue to use the MyUpdate service until the end of October, when it will be closed down completely. The free service has been replaced with a paying business intelligence tool, only available in Swedish.

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> Novobot
Novobot is a smart headline viewer. You build a queue from the available sites, run the queue and do your work. Novobot will load each site from the queue, and extract headlines together with sub-headings and links. When the queue processing is complete, you can browse through the resulting headline list and surf to the content of interest with your default browser.


> Artificial intelligence for transportation safety
Ottawa-based Precarn Inc. is asking Canadian researchers to come up with artificial intelligence systems for transportation safety and security following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.
Artificial intelligence systems can help authorities better manage crises. For example, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh used intelligent agents to plan escape routes following a simulated terrorist attack in Kuwait City three years ago.

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