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Newsletter Feb 26, 2001
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Who has never been surprised and entertained by those friendly characters that come with the Microsoft Office suite ? Whether it is the Paperclip or the Mad Professor, these "MS Agents" are there to be a helpful companion while you are using Office software.
You're having a problem with one of Word's features? Ask them your question, and the character you have chosen will pop up and offer you a list of suggestions.

Imagine for a moment that such characters were available with more advanced features. Imagine that they knew how to accompany you and provide original and interactive help.
In fact, this isn't just part of your imagination: it is the very principal of personal assistants.
These assistants use voice synthesis, close to the human voice, to speak to you. They can also move around, smile, show their emotions (joy, sadness…) etc.

This week, AgentLand helps you get to know this technology and allows you to bring your computer to life. Your personal assistant will read your messages, carry out your orders and guide you while you work.


N E W   A G E N T S

>> Mail Agents <<

> Talking E-mail
Talking E-mail is a highly customizable E-mail notifier that enables you to listen to your messages as they arrive, via animated cartoon characters.

> Facemail
Finally, humanity! Say goodbye to boring text e-mails. A new era for a more human interface with the web has begun! Facemail is a powerful, entertaining and easy-to-use technology that enables you to send and receive talking e-mails that have life-like human expressions.

>> Personal Assistants <<

> Talk 2Desktop
Talk 2Desktop enables you to control your PC using your own voice. An animated character will provide feedback and guide you as you go along. You can launch programs, go to your favorite web sites, open any document on your PC without touching the keyboard or mouse.

> Talking Stocks
Talking Stocks retrieves current stock quotes from the Internet, then broadcasts them using a talking character. You can also listen to the current stock prices, without stopping your work.

>> File sharing <<

> Flycode
A platform for the secure and efficient distribution and sharing of video and image files, Flycode's peer-to-peer (P2P) solution connects members' hard drives to create a global, virtual library of non-infringing content.

> FileCat
FileCat develops advanced peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure software. The client, FileCat Explorer allows users to connect to any server running the FileCat Content Server software - seemlessly and transparently. You can search for files by category, popularity, quality, keywords, author, publish date or by filename.

>> Other Assistants <<

> MP3 Dancer
MP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance at the bottom of your computer screen. After just a few seconds of rhythm testing, a dancer appears on the toolbar of your computer and begins to dance to the exact rhythm of the music, whatever music player you currently use.

A G E N T  U P D A T E S

>> Link Verification <<

> Alert LinkRunner
Alert LinkRunner, the link validation utility that allows you to fix dead links and locate missing resources, has released a new version 4.5 Build 3. This agent validates Web hyperlinks, images, plug-ins and more.

>> MP3 <<

> MP3 Grouppie
With MP3 Grouppie you can listen to a preview before downloading the complete file. And since you're downloading from a computer located at your Internet service provider, your downloads always occur at the fastest possible speed This MP3 agent has the combined advantage of monitoring newsgroups as well.

>> Development tools <<

> AgentSheets
The new beta version for Windows has been released. The AgentSheets environment is an agent-based Web authoring tool enabling a wide range of end users, ranging from children to professionals, to create their own SimCity-like interactive simulations, domain-oriented visual programming languages, knowbots, cellular automata and games.

>> Off-line Browsers <<

> WebStripper
The beta version of WebStripper v2.0 Beta 22 is now available. WebStripper makes it easy to copy websites to your hard disk for you to browse offline later. You can download anything from a single page to an entire site. This version is free of advertising.

> Offline Explorer
Offline Explorer, the offline browser that lets you edit, view or browse your downloaded Web pages using its built-in internal browser, has been updated. A GZip content encoding processing has been added in this new version.


> Prody Parrot
Multiply your productivity – have an assistant working for you in the background! Prody Parrot resides on your Windows desktop, eagerly awaiting your commands. Prody understands your spoken commands and talks to you using natural language.


> La Cantoche
"La Cantoche" has launched Living Actor™, the new real-time 3D Agent technology. "La Cantoche Production" is specialized in Microsoft Agent character development. They offer consulting, design, animation and development services for your own conversational Agent character. The Living Actor's site is in beta version

> 3Dclic
3Dclic is a content developer and technical integrator : 3Dclic has developed a chain of production ranging from 3D and character development to the production of 3D and character animations for TV and/or the Internet.

> DealTime
DealTime, the comparison shopping service that lets you search stores across the Internet, announced that it will acquire Digital Jones, Inc., the provider of a next generation platform for online guided selling that DealTime began using on its Web site during the fourth quarter of 2000. Digital Jones' innovative technology translates the knowledge of real world sales experts into an interactive recommendation tool or "virtual salesperson" that helps customers make buying decisions quickly and wisely.
(c) AGENTLAND 2001.
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