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Newsletter June 18, 2001
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July : getting organized for the big break

Soon the holidays will be here and you still haven't organized your annual break ? Your holiday looks like it is going down the drain? Don't be so sure… According to MMXI, 2.3 million net surfers visited travel web sites in January 2001. In other words, it is full steam ahead for organizing the holiday on-line!

Rather than spending hours on the phone with flight companies or traipsing round the travel agents, smart travellers go fishing on the Internet. Even there, they are faced with dozens of specialized web sites which have a baffling array of different offers. You need to make a note of the price on each site, availabilities can differ from one site to another, prices may not be in the same currency or may not include airport tax and other hidden costs. Still, you need to be quick because everyone is getting organized for their holiday.

To save time and money, there are a number of price comparison services specialized in travel and holidays. Whether for just the plane ticket or a complete package, these comparison agents check what's on offer from different operators and companies, so you can choose what best suits your needs. You just need to state your destination and the dates of departure and the comparison agent will do the rest. You can even buy the holiday directly on-line. In this way, you can compare dozens of offers on a range of destinations in a short space of time.

But be careful, don't get mixed up when entering your departure date: some things are sacred ;-)

A-I Movie news

> Special preview tickets for AI!
The movie release date is close, the game is drawing to its dramatic conclusion, and the links between the two are becoming more and more explicit. Jeanine Salla has managed to obtain tickets to special preview screenings of AI before the big day, June 29. How can you get them? Cybelle has all the details:


N E W   A G E N T S

>> File Sharing <<

> Myster
Myster is a new, completely distributed, peer-to-peer / real time file sharing system. Similar software projects include Napster, Gnutella and Freenet.
Myster does not amount to a Gnutella or Freenet clone; it is a new system that will attempt to solve various problems associated them. Each node in the network accumulates a list of servers that share the most files, ranked according to reliability.

>> Metasearch <<

> Copernic 2001 Server
Copernic 2001 Server is a Web-based distributed search solution designed for corporate network users. It uses the technology to query hundreds of specialized and multi-language Internet information sources, including some business databases.
Business & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, Patents, Legal, Encyclopedias. These are just some of the dozens of specialized search categories included with Copernic 2001 Server.
Copernic 2001 Server ranks results based on their relevancy, automatically removes duplicate links, and highlights keywords

A G E N T  U P D A T E S

>> File Sharing <<

> KaZaA
KaZaA, the media community that lets you share your media files, has been updated. Several new features have been added to the new version 1.2, such us Instant Messaging to send instant messages to other KaZaA users or the new player bar to play music.
KaZaA also has a powerful search engine where you can search on "meta data" such as categories, artist etc. Search results are grouped together, so the same file will only be displayed once.

>> Monitoring <<

> Personal Stock Monitor
Personal Stock Monitor, the software that enables you to get the latest prices for stocks, fund, options and indices has been updated. With the new release you can now drag and drop live ticker symbols from Personal Stock Monitor into any Microsoft Excel or Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet. This version includes a currency table viewer that displays exchange rates for all of the available currencies, and a currency converter tool that allows you to do immediate currency conversion calculations without leaving Personal Stock Monitor.

>> Promotion Marketing <<

> JOC Press Release
JOC Press Release, the agent that can email your press release to 5400+ media outlets, has been updated. The version 2.0 emails your press release to daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. You can now use the test mode to send your press release to your test e-mail address.
Use the same software as professional press release services without paying their service fees.

>> Form Filling <<

> TypeItIn
TypeItIn, the practical form-filling program has been updated. The new version 2.3 supports bold and italic font. A backup feature and a password protection system have also been added. You can use TypeItIn to fill out forms on the web, or process forms at work. TypeItIn can automatically type in the time, date, month, or day of the week too.


> JOC Press Release
JOC Press Release (JPR) can email your press release to 5400+ media outlets including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations.Use the same software as professional press release services without paying their service fees.


> "Honey I shrunk the robots!"
A tiny robot smaller than a grain of rice could soon be sent through the body to track down and destroy disease. A team of scientists from Japan have developed tiny spinning screws that can swim along veins. Patrolling the body, the micro-machines could ferry drugs to sites of infection or, tipped with a hot probe, lance and kill tumours.
Kazushi Ishiyama, at Tohuku University, in Japan, designed his swimming micromachines based on cylindrical magnets, just eight millimetres long and less than a millimetre in diameter.

> Bluetooth Projector
Texas Instruments with InFocus and Plus Vision Corp have developed a prototype Bluetooth Projector that lets users project images from a laptop computer or a PDA.
Dennis Fritsche, manager for business products at Texas Instruments' digital light processing (DLP) division, said the goal is to "increase usability and to reduce the overall weight" of projectors.

> The first Bluetooth-enabled train
Red-M™, a supplier of advanced Bluetooth™ networking product solutions, and BT Ignite Solutions have announced that they will join forces to create the UK's first Bluetooth-enabled train and railway business lounge.
The solution will integrate Internet and mobile technology, adapted to operate within a train environment. The Bluetooth network will be based on Red-M prodycts, enabling reliable and secure mobile access from Bluetooth-enabled devices, including personal digital assistants (PDAs) laptops and wireless application protocol (WAP) phones.

> Talk to Internet!
More than 15 million AT&T Wireless customers can have conversations with the Internet. AT&T Wireless introduces AT&T Wireless #121 service powered by Tellme, providing customers personalized "one-to-one" information on demand, simply by talking into their phone.
AT&T Wireless #121 service allows customers to use their voice to access a variety of useful and innovative Internet-based information services like driving directions, movie listings, stock quotes, news updates, weather, or even scheduling a morning wake up call while within the AT&T Wireless network.


> The Intelligent Systems Program
The Intelligent Systems Program at the university of Pittsburgh serves as a center at the university for advanced education and research in artificial intelligence and some related areas of cognitive science. Drawing on strengths from many sectors of the university, and on over thirty funded research projects, the program offers a strong, well balanced core curriculum in the fundamentals of AI and many opportunities for advanced research and training.
The scope of the program is broad, but offers concentration in specific areas such as: diagnosis, knowledge representation, machine learning, intelligent tutoring, natural language generation and discourse, planning, case based reasoning, and problem solving.


> Engineering Societies in the Agents' World
The 2nd International Workshop - Engineering Societies in the Agents' World (ESAW'01) at the Czech Technical University will be held on July 7, 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic.
ESAW'01 is devoted to discuss technologies, methodologies and models for the engineering of complex applications based on multi-agent systems, and aims at bringing together researchers and contributions from both within and outside the Distributed Artificial Intelligence field (from Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Social Sciences, and so on), so as to promote cross-fertilization among different research areas.
Topics of interest include: coordination models and technologies for engineering of agent societies; analysis, design, development and verification of agent societies; visibility and individuality of agents, etc.

> The European Agent Systems Summer School
The Third European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS) under the topic "Multi-Agent Systems & Applications" will be held on July 2-13 , 2001 in Prague, Czech.
The EASSS courses will present the current state of the art in theoretical foundations of Multi-Agent Systems as well as demonstrate the applicability of these systems in many practical tasks. The presentations will highlight different aspects and viewpoints of this recently established and very active scientific field.

> International Semantic Web Workshop
International Semantic Web Workshop (SWWS) will be held on July 30-31, 2001 in Stanford University, California, USA. The workshop is dedicated to groups willing to contribute to the Semantic Web. It should guide the future coalitions for enabling future standard to be adopted worldwide.
The topics of interest will be around semantic web for e-learning and e-science, semantic web and mobile, agent communication and applications in the semantic web, etc.

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