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Newsletter Feb 12, 2001
Get smart, get an agent

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Welcome to the first edition of the AgentLand newsletter, the journal of Intelligent Agents. It is a weekly publication which will allow you to keep up with the main points in the news about intelligent agents.
Each week you will be alerted to the arrival of new agents, the latest updates; you will be informed of news from companies in the sector, of upcoming conferences etc.

This week, AgentLand takes a look at on-line shopping. "Getting the best deal" is what we all want. There's no longer any need to go to dozens of different shops looking for the lowest prices. No need to frenetically flick through thick catalogs looking for just one product. What you need can be resumed in one word: "ShopBot". Quick and easy to use, shopbots make purchasing easier by informing you about prices and the availability of the products on offer. Across a wide range of themes, comparison price services cover everything from computer equipment, video and music to toys and flowers. AgentLand guides you and gives you some tips to help you buy better...


> Shopbots: Software Robots For Shopping
ShopBots deliver on one of the great promises of electronic commerce and
the Internet: a radical reduction in the cost of obtaining and distributing
information. ShopBots can out-perform and out-inform even the most patient
determined consumers, for whom it would take hours to obtain far less
coverage of available goods and services.


A G E N T  U P D A T E S

>> Personal Assistants <<

> BonziBUDDY
BonziBUDDY, the active MS Agent who surfs the web with you as your sidekick
talks and jokes with you, has been updated. The new 3.7.6 version now
explores the Internet with 'Jungle Vines' rather than the "banana surfboard"
Plus, a new 'Quick Access' menu has been added, so you can interact with
BonziBUDDY easier than ever before.

>> Form Filling Agents <<

> RoboForm
The latest version of the one-click web form filler and password manager
AIRoboForm has been released. This new version memorizes and fills in web
site passwords and protects RoboForm Identities with a password.

> Jotter has evolved
Jotter, which automatically fill forms for you, has become JotterSAF. The
main feature in this new software is that JotterSAF allows you to "Forget
your Password" and instead use your biometrics to access your personal
private information. Instead of using traditional numbers and letters
as your password, you can now use your voice, fingerprint or face as your
password. The final release isn't available yet but you can download the
free beta version.

>> Metasearch <<

> Strategic Finder
The new version 2.010 of the metasearch engine Strategic Finder is available
for downloading.

>> Site Management <<

> A1Monitor
The version 3.7.5 uses less memory. If you had problems with v3.7.4 or
v3.7.3 where you had multiple instances of A1Monitor running, get this
version. But if you have no trouble with V3.7.4, this version is not necessary

>> Referencing <<

> SubmitWolf
For additional features, batch submissions, or to start your own submission
service, an Enterprise version of SubmitWolf has been released.

>> Downloading <<

> Go!Zilla
Radiate,Inc. has reintroduced Go!Zilla v3.5 as Go!Zilla Classic. But note
that Go!Zilla Classic may not be compatible with WindowsME, Microsoft Internet
5.0 and above, or Netscape.

>> Offline Browsers <<

> WebCopier
The news version of this offline browser includes several new features
and 14 days access to Premium Options (Download Report, List of URLs) available
in REGISTERED version of WebCopier.

N E W   S H O P P I N G  A G E N T S

> When u shop
WhenUShop is a free toolbar that appears next to your browser when you
go to a popular shopping site. This software aims to save you time and
money by giving key information right at the moment you shop online.

> Pricetone
PriceTone makes shopping easy by providing price, availability on countless
products across a great number of merchants.

> Game Price Compare
Game price compare lets you to find the lowest price on Games for any system
(Nintendo, Playstation, Dreamcast or GameBoy).

> PriceVideoGames
PriceVideoGames helps you compare the best game prices available on Mac
Windows, Dreamcast, Nintendo and GameBoy.

> PriceElectronics
PriceElectronics helps you compare prices from some of the most popular
online electronics vendors.

> PriceComputing is a price comparison service dedicated to computer
users on the Internet. Use it to find detailed information, track and compare
the items of your interest.

> Flyswat 2.0
Flyswat delivers whatever you're looking for -- fast! It instantly transforms
"key words" on the Web or desktop into live links.


> Semaphora: a new artificial life company
Semaphora develops dynamic and entertaining 3D agents able to interact
with the Web surfer. You can visit Semaphora web site using a 3D agent
that interacts with you. Choose between "Angie" the angel or "Diablo" the
devil. They guide you through the site.

> Infogate: partnership with DealTime
Infogate, an Internet-based news, information and alerting delivery service
has announced an agreement with DealTime, the world's leading online comparison-shopping service, whereby DealTime will be the exclusive shopping partner on Infogate


> The Seventh Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI'01)
Odense, Denmark. February 19-21, 2001. The conference will treat all branches of AI, including some of the exciting recent developments in bioinformatics machine learning, multi-agent systems, electronic commerce and behavioural robotics.
(c) AGENTLAND 2001.
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