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AgentLand Newsletter
November 19 - December 31
December 31
See you next year on AgentLand

This time of year is often the occasion to look back on the past months and make resolutions for the coming year, in a spirit of hope and optimism.

2001 has been a good year for AgentLand. Since the launch almost a year ago, the number of subscribers to the newsletter has grown constantly. From its creation, the newsletter has aimed to be a means to closely follow the news from the world of intelligent agents, to keep up to date with the arrival of new agents, their updates, the progress in research etc. [>>]

December 24
An agent under my skin?

Since the beginning of time, Man has attempted to transform himself and his environment, to cover his weaknesses or to improve his capacities. In a car, people are able to travel prodigious distances in a short time; planes make it possible to fly, free from the constraints of gravity. [>>]

December 17
Bringing the computer to life

Giving life" to a computer sounds paradoxical, and maybe it is. The time when machines will be self-aware is doubtless still some way off. In the meantime, many attempts are being made to find intermediary solutions to real problems. How is it possible to make computers more user-friendly, and break down the technological barriers between man and machine? Virtual animated characters are one attempt. What is the reason for their success? It's because they are fun! [>>]

December 10
On your marks, get set, ski!

For finding a cheap ski pass, buying equipment at the best price, keeping an eye on the weather from home or anywhere else in the world, the Net is the place to be. It is the time of year for ski holidays, snowmen and snowball fights. Maybe you don't feel like dashing around during your lunch break or making dozens of phone calls to find a good deal or get hold of some skis? It's true, why bother when you can do it all from the comfort of your home? [>>]

December 04
Cybelle's wonderful Christmas

Only 21 days to go before the big day, that favorite for young and old alike: Christmas. At last!
Christmas, its special cozy atmosphere to share with the family; Christmas, the decorations in the street, the color in the neighborhood; Christmas and all the tradition that goes with it… [>>]

November 26
Get your work known

Who doesn't have a personal page on the Web today? And a personal page is by no means synonymous with a few photos that are only of interest to your closest family and friends (although there are still a lot of these out there!). There are many excellent ones that deserve wider attention. So apart from sending an e-mail to your friends, how do all the budding webmasters go about getting their site known? You need to be indexed by the major search engines, of course. But rather than sitting back and waiting for the robot to visit (which may be never), be proactive. Submit your site for inclusion in the index of different search engines. All of them. [>>]

November 19
My job on the Web

To find a first job or make a career change, everyone has their own method. You could wait for an employer to call, but unless you have a rock-solid resume and work experience, it could be a long wait. Going job hunting is like setting off on an expedition. The decisive moment is that first step, when you decide to try your chance. Afterwards, its just a question of where you want go and how to get there. [>>]


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