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September 10 - November 12
November 12
I play therefore I am?

Video games are still one of the hottest sectors of the computer industry. With sales forecasts showing constant growth, the market is attracting a lot of attention. Microsoft don't want to miss out: the industry giant fully intends to take a significant share of the market with the forthcoming X-Box console. Meanwhile, games publishers are preparing for the battle, creating game scenarios that look like Hollywood movies, and graphics that keep pushing back the boundaries of 3-D animation… [>>]

November 05
Shop where you are, when you want

Shopping on-line is the ultimate easy: from the comfort of your home, select whatever you want from the galaxy of products available on the Internet, and a couple of clicks later it is on its way to your home. But who should you buy from? The tried and trusted high-street name? [>>]

October 29
Intelligent agents are coming to your mobile phone!Newsletter on video

The first commercial offer for third generation mobile telephony was launched on 1 October in Japan. Making the dream of videophones a reality, it has already won a large number of users. The UMTS mobile communication standard offers high-debit transmission and worldwide access. It will be the catalyst for the development of a range of interactive services that have not been possible up till now with mobile phone standards such as GSM or CMDA. Get ready: intelligent agents are coming to your mobile phone! [>>]

October 22
Helping the fight against terrorism: intelligent robots

The events of 11 September 2001 proved that terrorists have adopted deadly new strategies: terrifyingly well organized, they were able to escape the attention of the various intelligence agencies during their preparation. Now, a race against time is underway to develop artificial intelligence-based technology to help effectively combat terrorism.[>>]

October 15
Peer-to-Peer wars: the Empire keeps striking back

A new chapter begins in the war that the major recording companies are waging on copyright piracy. The RIAA (representing the American record industry) has launched court action against three of the most popular online file sharing systems: Kazaa, MusicCity (Morpheus) and Grokster. Leading cinema industry players have also joined the action, since movies are also being shared on these systems.[>>]

October 08
E-mail moves into the intelligent era

E-mail is celebrating its thirtieth birthday this year. To remind you, the first e-mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. At that time, it was possible to send a message only on condition that the receiver's mail box was on the same computer as the sender's! The introduction of PCs in the early 1980s and Internet browsers in the 1990s have since helped e-mail become a means of communication used by millions of people around the world.[>>]

October 01
Let people know how you feel

Electronic mail is without a doubt the most widely used Internet service. It makes it possible for two or more people to communicate with each other. But it doesn't allow them to express moods and feelings satisfactorily. The rules of “Netiquette” only allow you to go so far in showing joy or sadness. How is to possible to add humanity to electronic messages? Well, there are a number of ways to make your e-mails more expressive[>>]

September 24
Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

Research shows that the vast majority of Internet searches are done using just one keyword. But a search for "cars" brings up 7 squillion pages on any respectable search engine – which one has the information you want? Of course, constructing a neat search query using Boolean operators may help. But the collection of ANDs, ORs, NOTs and other contortions that search engines expect you to use isn't particularly user-friendly, is it? Why isn't it possible to just ask a normal question, such as "Where can I buy a new car?", and get a normal answer, including maybe a list of dealerships in your town?[>>]

September 17
Humanity on the edge between the real and the virtual

Able to speak, express feelings and move like real humans, they offer the advantage of being able to work 24/7 without complaining or needing a star's salary. They are called Eve, Ananova or Jackie Strike. They are stars on the Internet, but don't try to go and meet them at their workplace: these "people" do not exist! Nevertheless, virtual humans are everywhere: cinema, Internet, video games, politics… Nothing can hold them back![>>]

September 10
Information is just one click away

The idea underpinning the creation of the Web is that of hypertext: one piece of text (a word or a phrase) can send you to another. The origin of this idea is attributed to Ted Nelson who, using to this method, wanted to find a way to bring the computer closer to the way people think and the way they look for information.[>>]

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