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July 2 - September 03
September 03
Information is just one click away

The idea underpinning the creation of the Web is that of hypertext: one piece of text (a word or a phrase) can send you to another. The origin of this idea is attributed to Ted Nelson who, using to this method, wanted to find a way to bring the computer closer to the way people think and the way they look for information.[>>]

Oops, almost missed that vital information!

We all know that the Internet is loaded up with potentially useful information. The question is how to get it, especially when you are on the lookout for information – headlines, sports, financial news etc. – that is constantly being updated. A piece of news that you find two days late may be just about worthless: you need to know what is happening, as it happens, without watching a news web site 24/7, or ten web sites if you follow 10 information sources. Or 3000 of them … There are agents that can help you. [>>]

Peer-to-Peer: the battle is just beginning

Peer-to-Peer file sharing, better known as P2P, is based on a simple truth: everyone produces information, and every person has information that someone else needs, somewhere in the world,. The difficulty was getting these two individuals to meet. That's where the Internet came in. The first great leap forward offered e-mail, connection to distant machines, newsgroups. Then the Web came along, making it easier to publish information and create communities. [>>]

RoboCup 2001 - going for goal

The 2001 RoboCup, with over 120 teams in competition, produced its usual series of thrills and emotions, resulting in a second consecutive victory for UNSW United in the legged soccer tournament, and YabAI, University of Electro-Communications, Japan in the simulation league. All games naturally took place without direct intervention from the creators of these budding sports stars. Robots playing football, you say? But what's the point? Well, what better example is there of an activity requiring such a high level of coordination between an individual and its environment? [>>]

2001: an automobile odyssey ?

It is the year 2001 but we are not living on the moon and robots are still not as intelligent as humans. The vision of 1980s sci-fi movies is far off – in theory, we should be living in glass-walled houses and travelling in flying cars. This type of vehicle doesn’t yet exist. But developments in technology and embarked electronics are opening the way for vehicles that will be both surprising and practical. [>>]

Internet, your children's new playground

Internet has become an essential means of communication. At work, at home or while travelling, we use it for browsing, chatting, learning and pure amusement: it has become part of our daily life and as well as that of our children, who are getting connected at an ever earlier age. Unfortunately, Web pages aren’t always simple sites for fun or education. Part of the Internet is intended for adults only. So what about the children? [>>]

Rip or browse?

While browsing, you come across a site that looks good, but you quickly see that a few clicks aren’t going to be enough to get all the information you are looking for... You could spend hours going through the different pages, reading and re-reading explanations: but the cost of communications could make it prohibitive! [>>]

Tomorrow's clothes will be intelligent

Tomorrow, your clothing will detect if your body temperature is giving signs that you are getting sick, and make contact with the doctor for you. Your suitcase will let you know what clothes it contains. In the field of "i-wear", literally intelligent clothing, everything is possible. [>>]

New on AgentLand !

Cybelle, our virtual guide, has tested for you all the intelligent agents available for downloading on AgentLand. She has even given each of them a mark between 1 and 5, represented by the AgentLand eye logo next to the agent's name. Cybelle has left nothing to chance: features, interface, rapidity and user-friendliness have all been put to the test. [>>]

Your chance to vote for the best chatterbot!

Who is the best chatterbot? That's a good question. Now, you have the chance to find out the answer, and even have your own say in the matter. A new online bot contest has just got underway, with almost 40 chatterbots signed up and ready to talk to you. Organized by Chris Cowart, everyone can participate in the ChatterBox Challenge, by chatting to the different bots and then giving them a mark between 1 and 10. [>>]

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