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April 23 - June 25
Home sweet techno-home

You've just got home from work. As you approach, your house recognizes you, opens the door and turns the lights on to greet you. The robot vacuum-cleaner has just finished cleaning the house. You are expecting guests? Luckily, your fridge has thought of ordering the ingredients for the recipe you had in mind. Your house has even recorded your favorite TV show. Welcome to your smart house! [>>]

July : getting organized for the big break

Soon the holidays will be here and you still haven't organized your annual break ? Your holiday looks like it is going down the drain? Don't be so sure... According to MMXI, 2.3 million net surfers visited travel web sites in January 2001. In other words, it is full steam ahead for organizing the holiday on-line! Rather than spending hours on the phone with flight companies or traipsing round the travel agents, smart travellers go fishing on the Internet. [>>]

Botshow 2001: the virtual creature conference

Botshow 2001 will be held on June 13-14. It is the first European conference dedicated to revolutionary interfaces called conversational agents, or chatterbots. It will take place on June 14th, 2001 at the Paris Expo, in Paris France. This conference will present the different types of conversational agents according to their functions and their graphic, editorial and computational capacities, as well as the main benefits to be gained from their different uses.[>>]

Let the sun shine!

Here we are in June and as the summer holidays approach, those existential questions keep coming back into mind: will it be sunny enough today to go to the beach? Will I finally be able to get a sun-tan without expensive UV sessions? Dilemma: should I take my sunglasses today or not? As you see, these are real questions: deep and meaningful questions. Agents would like to be your summer companion, and help to solve these everyday problems. [>>]

X-rated agents

Among the most frequently-used search terms, no-one will be surprised to learn that "sex", "MP3", "XXX" figure in good position. Also, as well as the most common proper names (Pamela Anderson, Laetitia Casta, Jennifer Lopez or ex-porn star Traci Lords) we can find Lara Croft. The evidence is there, whether we like it or not: sex is still in demand on the Internet [>>]

Artificial intelligence : friend or foe?

Who doesn't remember HAL, the intelligent computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey"? This artificial intelligence, reputed at the beginning of the movie to be infallible, lost its mind and became a very real threat to the life of the ship's crew. The movie industry is not alone in wanting to create artificial life and to give it a form of intelligence. [>>]

Smile, you are being filmed

Monitoring your house while you are away on holiday, making sure your children aren't getting into trouble in their play area or keeping your office safe at night: all of this is possible and easy to achieve in a smart house. [>>]

Spielberg's A.I.: a vision of the future?

You cried when you saw ET, held your breath watching Indiana Jones and felt your heart wrench at Schindler's List. Now, Steven Spielberg is about to release his latest movie, "A.I.", which deserves your attention for many reasons, not least that it was originally a cherished project of the late Stanley Kubrick. [>>]

Let a virtual guide show you around

The number one goal for any web site is to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. And since a satisfied net surfer is a loyal one - more likely to return to the site, to complete a purchase, to recommend it to friends - any good ideas about how to make this happen are warmly welcomed. That's why more and more web sites and intranets are equipping themselves with a virtual guide. [>>]

Don't be troubled by speed limits

Surfing the Internet has become an almost daily activity for you. You use it for checking your e-mail, ordering CDs, managing your bank account, reserving train tickets, taking part in games on-line (...): any excuse is good for a little connection. But "little" connection doesn't necessarily mean "quick" connection. In [>>]

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