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Computer: Wake me up at 7:30... (3)
Voice enabled computers, part 2: an introduction to the Speech Recognition technology.

By Denis Susac


Quick list of Speech Recognition packages and information

IBM Voice Systems
"Big Blue" offers a (very) wide range of Home and Office software (ViaVoice for Windows and Mac), as well as enterprise voice solutions and technology for Web, telephony, Linux and mobile applications. Excellent developer options, including SDK for Windows, Linux, Java, and various other kits.

Interactive Systems
Interactive Systemís Speech Toolkit uses a layered architectures, that allows application developers, researchers, and programmers to each access the speech engine at an appropriate level: SAPI, JSAPI or JPYTHON interfaces, access to the core engine in Java.

Linux SR applications
This document describes the basics of speech recognition on Linux platform and describes some of the available software.

Probably the most popular speech developer's platform for Microsoft Windows. The newly released Microsoft Speech SDK version 5.0 includes the newly rearchitected Speech API (SAPI), updated development tools, samples, documentation, and enhanced versions of the Microsoft continuous speech recognition engine (MCSR) and Microsoft concatenative speech synthesis engine (TTS). A list of compliant third party tools includes dozens of interesting links. Elsewhere on our Visual Basic guide describes how to speech enable your new VB application.

Nuance 7.0, the company's flagship speech recognition and natural language understanding server for use in telecommunications, enterprise, and Internet applications. Nuance Voyager is a voice browser that makes it possible for phone users to access people, applications, content and voice-enabled Web sites via a standard voice interface that parallels that of a Web browser. Nuance Voice Web Server, incorporating a VoiceXML interpreter, enables rapid creations and modification of voice sites for enterprise companies. Nuance also offers a wide range of integrated development tools.

Philips is another industry giant that is very active in the SR field. The list of their PC Speech Applications includes several applications for home and office users, as well as professional solutions with business-specific terminology and speech SDK.

SoftSound has developed a complete system for accessing the information in spoken documents such as news broadcasts or archives. The system works by applying a fast speaker-independent speech recognition system to spoken audio to obtain a rough transcript of what was spoken, and indexing this material by a specially adapted search engine.

Four complete speech recognition solutions for telephony applications: SpeechWorks 6, SpeechSite, Speechify and ETI-Eloquence.

Various end-user products (speechMail), Web based solutions (speecHTML), telephony services (SPEECHtel), and SpeechWare, a core SR technology underlying all products. It offers a combination of a proprietary low-level API as well as higher level functions. The low-level API provides full access to the core recognizer features, while the higher-level functions enable quick application development. The Developerís Toolkit is Java based toolkit that allows developers of all experience levels to create and manage files required by the recognizer.

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