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SpyBuddy, the spy at home
Do your children spend hours on the Internet, and you would like to be sure that they are not visiting inappropriate sites during this time? When you go on holiday, are you curious about who uses your computer while you are away? Your boss? Your office colleagues? Transform yourself into Sherlock Holmes by installing a companion on your machine that will tell you exactly who does what on your computer. Nothing will escape your notice!

You are being watched without your knowledge!
Are you concerned that cunning companies and users may be using spyware to monitor your browsing habits? Or angry that your personal profile could be being sold for profit? You are not the only one.

WebMail Spy: the spy that watches over e-mails
You are being eaten up by curiosity… you can’t stand it any more! You would really like to know what people are saying about you on the Internet, whether it be your girl- or boyfriend, or your colleagues… Maybe it’s just a case of acute paranoia? So what, because WebMail Spy will offer you relief. It allows all the messages sent by WebMail from your computer to be recorded. At long last, you will know everything that is said!

SpyAgent: the spies are going to have to look out!
Who touched my computer? Who deleted my file?! These are the kind of things that can happen when your computer is used in your absence without your knowledge. Sometimes, the surprise can go even further than deleted or modified files. Your computer could be used for illegal activities for which you could be held responsible, or else be used to spy on you!

NetObserve : the Net’s all-seeing eye
Would you like to place a distant computer terminal under surveillance? Whether for professional or personal reasons, perhaps you are looking for an effective surveillance agent that is discreet and above all gives you full control of the computer? Look no further, we have found the program that will meet your needs. NetObserve is able to monitor everything that takes place on your computer, without missing a single thing, and to react at distance if you so wish. Even better: NetObserve also lets you see what is happening in front of your computer. Incredible, isn’t it?

Anti-Spy protects against over-curious spies!
It can no longer be denied! You had a doubt, but now you are sure: someone is spying on you! Your boss, your friends, your office colleagues have been reincarnated as BigBrother! Two solutions are available: reread George Orwell's 1984 to find out how the hero escapes his clutches, or else, a quicker option, download Anti-Spy to your computer. Budding BigBrothers won't be able to resist!

Spector Pro: keeps an eye on your computer
Whether your computer is at your office, in your children's room or your own bedroom, there could come a day when you absolutely have to know what is being done on your PC or your Mac while you're away! The answer to your problem is here: Spector Pro.

Perfect Keylogger – discrete surveillance guaranteed
To discretely survey what is being done on your computer while you are away, install Perfect Keylogger. This is highly effective spy software that will secretly record all the activity that takes place on your machine.

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