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Using agents to monitor the Internet (4)
By Carlo Revelli
CEO of Cybion

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To monitor current events and to constitute a press review

There is no doubt that if you want to follow current events, the best solution consists in using push technologies. Depending on the level of personalization desired, you will choose between on-line push and off-line push. In addition, the latest generation of browsers makes it possible to have several information channels, without needing to install any new software.

Moreover, by personalizing the channels, you can convert an on-line push service (My Yahoo or My Excite) into an off-line push service. You just have to create an ad hoc channel to monitor these services, and you no longer have the Internet connection constraints. In addition, you can transform any Web page that diffuses press releases into a channel: just provide the agent with the address of the page in question, as well as the frequency desired for the updates.

Another method used to follow current events consists of using the traditional search tools (Excite News Tracker, HotBot NewsBot, InfoSeek News, Yahoo News...).More and more frequently, they make it easy to find the latest articles from newspapers present on the Web or dispatches direct from news agencies. Other specialized services simplify the step of identifying the articles. In this case, it is enough to type some keywords to immediately be able to generate a personalized press review, composed of the most recent articles from several hundred newspapers or magazines. You also have the choice of saving your search profile in order to be able to regularly consult on-line the newly published articles. In certain cases, it is possible to "graft" an off-line alerting agent (NearSite, Webspector...) or to create a channel within your browser in order to ensure your press review is automatically downloaded to your computer. Finally, one should not forget the websites with high added value (Profound, World Reporter, Dow-Jones CustomClips...).

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